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Prince Dining Room & Accom in St Kilda

The Prince Hotel is bringing modern dining and chic accomodation to St Kilda and The World Loves Melbourne was invited along for the experience. With Mediterranean influences Prince Dining Room (PDR) has been making waves, with approachable menu and a savvy wine list. The experience is great value and the fit out vibrant. in past days you may visit this venue for a special occasion but now PDR is a triumph appealing to locals as well as those making the drive across Melbourne. The "feed me" option is excellent value.

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Inspired by the glamour and grime of St Kilda and the neighbourhood’s eclectic history, Iva Foschia of IF Architecture has created a light, bright space filled with custom furniture. The redesign respects both the Art Deco architecture of the building and the character of the local area without being too nostalgic of the venue’s past.

Approachable and unpretentious in nature, PDR’s food and hospitality reinforces a new, more relaxed, direction for the property. Whereas we loved the previous incarnation the current offering hits the high notes. My wife is a personal trainer and much  prefers this style of dining, with stylish wholesome and not too heavy dishes. This is modern dining and we are glad for the evolution (game changing menu).

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Mediterranean influences delivering on modern approachable dining. 

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Top notch wine list including a connection to Mitchelton Wines. We enjoyed one of Australia's finest Rieslings.

When it comes to wine, the wine list at PDR is savvy and reasonably priced. With the strong connection to Mitchelton Wines we asked if we could explore some of the Mitchelton range. We were duly blessed with Mitchelton Blackwood Park Riesling (one of the top few Rieslings in Australia) with amazing length and aromatics with citrus notes. The white blend Airstrip (Marsanne, Rousanne, Viognier) was also a standout. A Mitchelton Heathcote Shiraz was the perfect red wine to enjoy with our lamb dish.

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We noted the high quality of breads including House made pitta and the simple joy of an excellent Fava bean hummus. Eggplant zaalouk, fish crackers was also a triumph.

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Graffiti eggplant, mussels, spice sausage, fennel is a must order dish.

I would call PDR "approachable" dining not just casual dining. PDR is casual in terms of not being formal, but there's excellent technique and effort in the dishes. There's many casual style dining destinations in St Kilda but not many achieve this level of excellence.

Much like the change in menu direction, the physical change to the space has been dramatic (and necessary) to provide Prince Dining Room with its own voice – one that embraces a new era. Fashionable in every way, it's a perfect statement in the heart of St Kilda. My wife and I commented that is was "very St Kilda" in it's style and vibrancy. During the day the vibe changes again, with the restaurant light filled and a top notch seaside destination.

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Humble vegetable and side dishes are "heroed" in equal measure to main plates, resulting in light contemporary dishes featuring the freshest seasonal ingredients. As Eggplant freaks we loved the Eggplant Graffiti and likewise the Jerusalem Artichokes which we enjoyed with the tangy smoky yellow curry sauce.

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Skewers are a highlight at PDR including King prawns, chilli, roasted garlic aoili.

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Jerusalem artichoke, wild nettle, crab sauce is a rewarding dish, enjoyed on this occasion rather with the yellow curry sauce from the fish curry. 

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Love a Heathcote Shiraz? The Mitchelton Heathcote Shiraz was the perfect pairing as we enjoyed our lamb main course.

Led by Executive Chef Dan Hawkins (Stokehouse, Circa and Longrain) and Head Chef Dan Cooper (Circa and Garden State Hotel), the menu is designed to share and inspired by flavours and spices from the Mediterranean rim.

We were treated to an expansive dinner along with first class service and a standout Sommelier. I'm convinced Prince Dining Room is a foodie haven. Simply, we had a great night.

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Vibrant colours, big flavours, advent of nuts and seeds and creamy textures. An element of mystery as an orange pot was placed on the table.

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The pinnacle was the Moroccan tagine of Flinders Island lamb shoulder, prunes, sesame, pilaf, smoked yoghurt for two. Brilliantly presented, the lamb is cut up in front of you by wait staff.

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The dish comes with several accompaniments; joyous dining that is not too heavy. Don't underestimate the deliciousness of the prunes, pilaf and the kale. 

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We were able to share several dishes adding to our dining experience as a couple.

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Dessert hit the high notes with the PDR chocolate & coconut tart, served with a botrytis version of the Riesling we began the night with.

Sourced from local markets, the St Kilda Veg Out garden and a personally curated network of regional growers, producers and fishermen, each ingredient is selected with a predetermined purpose in mind, a seasonal value and a local significance.

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Accomodation is also top notch, the perfect place to stay in St Kilda. A boutique offering of excellence, we enjoyed our stay with a Superior Queen Room boasting a balcony overlooking one of the most iconic scenes in St Kilda.

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Accomodation is in the heart of St Kilda with stunning night view from our balcony.

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The view by day is equally as stunning. Seaside vibes.

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Modern boutique rooms.

Breakfast was also top notch, with a series of compelling dishes on offer. 

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Light and airy chic breakfast space.

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Savvy breakfast dishes as reasonable prices.

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With easy access car parking The Prince Hotel ticks all the boxes for your stay in St Kilda and in Melbourne. 

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Thanks to The Prince Hotel, wonderful service of staff and to Sattler and Co. Highly recommended.