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Magimix Cook Expert Event with Jessie Alice

Magimix invited The World Loves Melbourne to a fabulous private Magimix Cook Expert event with Jessie Alice from Leftover Lovers. This was a standout event showing the prowess of the Magimix in relation to home cooking but also world foood trends and sustainability.

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Jessie Alice is a well known Melbourne Cook, Artist and Educator who’s passion is to reduce food wastage and create a sustainable environment through her organization, Leftover Lovers. Jessie fabulously demonstrated how the Magimix Cook Expert can be used to save money by reducing food wastage, whilst creating delicious, no-recipe meals. A masterclass in Pickling was sheer creative genius.

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Excellent catering at the Magimix event.

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What might take half a day in time for pickling cucumbers and pears in jars took less than an hour with the Magimix. This is the kind of cooking I love - the ability to make top notch professional looking and tasting pickles which can be stored away to enjoy with the family, or even given away as gifts. This Cook Expert event showed the versatility of the Magimix. From pasta to pickling the Magimix Cook Expert has it covered.

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We were spoiled by Magimix staff who indulged us with catering during the masterclass and also served us up welcome bubbles. This was the perfect way to spend a Friday night. Kitchen Warehouse was also the perfect location for the Cook Expert event, being a food lovers haven. Jessie is a great communicator and on trend in terms of world food trends. Nothing is wasted in the process.

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In making Cucumber Pickles Jessie showed us how to slice the cucumbers in a uniform professional way with the Magimix 4mm blade. There was an emphasis on presentation as well as taste and the botanicals in the jar enhanced the appearance of this pickling item. Jessie also showed us how to make the brine and seal the jar properly so it retains all the goodness and lasts over time.

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The same process applied to the pears. This pickling process could be undertaken with a variety of ingredients such as artichokes, capsicums, onions etc. We were given a recipe for use with the Magimix and I'm looking forward to the challenge of cooking up some jars of pickled pears and cucumbers.

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Next level pickling.

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Red wine vinegar for the brine.

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Slicing the cucumbers (nd onions) in the Magimix is uniform, quick and consistent.

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Perfect slicing in the Magimix.

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A keen crowd watches on.

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Making the brine.

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One process with the Magimix Cook Expert made a batch of pickles producing many jars, which went to the participants in the deomonstrations. We were told we could open our jars of pickles in a few days. (Hint - the results were stunning).

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Audience participation below.

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Jessie is an experienced demonstrator including TV work and her demonstrating style was captivating. She presented the idea of "closed loop kitchens". Leftover Lovers took the idea of 'closed loop' and made it relevant to our kitchen spaces and our modern day food waste dilemma. By definition, a closed-loop system is one in which every component (be it manufacturing, food, or anything else) is recirculated within that same system for as long as possible.

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We were given a recipe making the pickling easy to replicate with the Magimix Cook Expert at home.

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A memorable evening.

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Jessie Alice is passionate about sustainability. The ultimate goal is to reuse, recycle, or biodegrade all materials involved so as to produce zero waste. This process when applied to her kitchens with Leftover Lovers, results in newfound opportunities for gourmet creations, tasty pantry ingredients, and fruitful zero waste food feasts! Jessie has also worked for the iconic The Inconvenience Store in Thornbury.

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This was a fun and educational night. Jessie incorporated a fun interactive element to her presentation. Also thanks to Magimix. I'm loving the Magimix Cook Expert and personally I got a lot out of this event.