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Bincho Boss Stunning Japanese Izakaya Dining in Melbourne

Bincho Boss in Little Bourke Street (next to Hardware Lane) is a stunning new izakaya Japanese restaurant in the heart of Melbourne. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to  experience signature dishes from the vibrant menu, bringing the Japanese feast! Bincho Boss is perfect for a night out or for a quick lunch in escaping the office.

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Bincho Boss is all about celebrating the flavours, colours and textures of authentic Japanese cuisine, but with a refined, contemporary twist to it. While izakaya is connected to approachable relaxed dining, Bincho Boss brings welcome sophistication.

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Modern and fashionable in a great part of the city.

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Multi award-winning Executive Chef, Tomotaka Ishizuka and Head Chef, Keiji Ishida are the bosses of the kitchen. Both were previously at Kisume, so they bring a wealth of Japanese knowledge and authenticity to Bincho Boss. With this sort of pedigree it's no wonder the menu hits the high notes. The bincho factor comes into play in that a bincho is about grilling over high quality charcoal in their earthen konro grill. In some ways I'm a Bincho boss myself as I cook with high quality charcoal at home, which I source from a local supplier, but not with the skill of Bincho Boss.

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Sit at the counter with views on to Little Bourke St. Where I'd be heading at lunch time.

Neon lights, a chic elongated bar, a large mural and attractive tables are features of this modern izakaya, inspired by the traditional alleyways of Tokyo (which we love). Upstairs and downstairs dining are available.

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Crowd pleaser signatures with big flavours, superb textures and flair had us excited. Open up with a beer or sake (we went for sake) and indulge in the Fried Japanese fish cakes with cheese centre. How often do you see cheese feature in a Japanese dish? Cheddar in Japanese fish cakes works, just dip in the sauce. Comfort food at its best.

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Salmon Sashimi was a triumph and super fresh (you can order 6 pieces or 15), as were the fresh Oysters.

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Smoked duck eggplant is one of best things I’ve tasted this year. Eggplant is a personal favourite but this rendition is superb. Baked eggplant so that it's creamy, and smoked duck on top, is my kind of dish. Served in its skin, the skin is so soft I ate it as well. Some may say this dish is rich, but that's how we love it.

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Tasty Smoked duck breast continued the duck love affair. Perfectly cooked duck and a feature of the Bincho concept, with a killer sauce.

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Seeing Turkey on the menu was a surprise but it was comfort food central delicious experiencing the  Turkey skewers with secret Terriyaki sauce.

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Hokkaido Scallops from the Bincho grill also hit the high notes, with wonderful smoky flavours.

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Steamed prawn dumplings were plump and delicious.

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Here comes the Salt crusted Wagyu!

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Smashing the salt crust and removing it to reveal tender mouth watering Wagyu, then pouring sauce over the top. Service at Bincho Boss was engaging and respectful of the customer.

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Upstairs dining.

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The Salt crust 8+ Wagyu from the Bincho grilled menu was melt in the mouth, and the theatre element is playful with the smashing of the salt crust at your table. A must order.

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Desserts were also top notch with playful Tempura ice cream (top) and the Espresso creme caramel (below) was luxe.

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In our opinion Binch Boss charges reasonable prices for refined food.

Bincho Boss is an absolute gem and one of the best Japanese dining experiences in Melbourne.

Vegetarian and gluten free options are also available. Highly recommended.