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Lavana WholeFoods Plant-based Meal Delivery

Lavana Wholefoods is a plant-based meal delivery and catering service in Melbourne, with exciting meals that are healthy and delicious. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to experience Lavana Wholefoods new vegan menu. We've experienced several meal delivery services in the past and some of them have frankly been boring. Lavana Wholefoods, started by ex-corporate Jess hits the high notes with interesting and delicious meals that had our family singing its praises. In fact there was a rush for the fridge to sample the diverse nutritious and delicious dishes.

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Well presented nutritious meals for your convenience. A new release serving size at $11.95 is exciting news.

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The story of Lavana Wholefoods is compelling. Jess had climbed the ladder as a high flying corporate but struggled to find time to cook the nutritious meals she was craving with adverse effects on her health. Despite loving her job she turned her attention to a healthy world and embarked on this new adventure. We think Lavana Wholefoods is a game changer in that while it is vegan, it is transformative to bring those who have not been vegan, into their world. The meals are simply delicious, vibrant and nutritious, whether you are vegan or not.

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Lavana Wholefoods offers convenience and healthy food with flair. These meals are perfect for busy professionals on the go, but they also resonated with our whole family. My wife is a personal trainer and loved these meals (as a consistently healthy eater), exclaiming "yum!" for every meal she experienced. The kids also gravitated to these meals in our fridge.

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We highly rated all 10 meals delivered to us:

- West African Tofu Peanut Curry with Steamed Brown Rice - the curry was delicious (peanut flavour not overpowering) with perfect spice and organic tofu was a hit.

- Mediterranean Basil and Pine Nut Zoodle Pesto with Roasted Pumpkin - we just loved the Zoodle pesto with generous basil and pine nut, and excellent with roasted pumpkin.

- Curried Pumpkin with Nigella infused Brown Basmati - the creamy curried pumpkin was delicious.

- Chunky Thai Tofu Patties on a Fresh Quinoa Salad with Coriander Infused Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce - a personal favourite the tofu patties are top notch with Thai nuances and the fresh quinoa salad a perfect accompaniment. The dipping sauce is excellent with a little heat that sets off the dish.

- Smokey Vegetable Paella - smokey flavours were highly appealing. 

- Italian Chickpea and Olive Puttanesca with Creamy Polenta - Italian flavours in a healthy dish, the chickpea and olive puttanesca was full of flavour and the creamy polenta a highlight in itself.

- Sweet Potato and Lentil Ras El Hanout with Dried Apricot and Almond Cous Cous - the spice mix here is exquisite.

- Roasted Vegetable Frittata with Sweet Potato, Kale and Toasted Pepita Red Quinoa on Salad and a Lemon Tahini Dressing - a sophisticated frittata with delightful salad.

- Sage and Roasted Sweet Potato Risotto - great vegan risotto with excellent sage nuance combining with the sweet potato.

- Fresh Ginger and Red Lentil Soup with Snake Beans and Coconut Brown Rice - a fabulous soup for winter (or indeed any season).

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Fresh Ginger and Red Lentil Soup with Snake Beans and Coconut Brown Rice was a delightful thick delicious tangy nutritious soup with a great combination of creamy and crunchy.

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Chunky Thai Tofu Patties on a Fresh Quinoa Salad with Coriander Infused Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce was my favourite meal; zesty, flavoursome, fresh and nutritious with excellent dipping sauce and capturing  delicious Thai nuances.

We looked forward to enjoying every dish and these meals are something we can talk about enthusiastically. What I loved is that the food is not boring or plain. As a person who claims to have a gourmet palate nutritious meals must also be interesting and delicious. These meals tick all those boxes and more.

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If you love a risotto you'll love the Sage and Roasted Sweet Potato Risotto.

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West African Tofu Peanut Curry with Steamed Brown Rice displays flair and captivates the tastebuds.

Jess shows flair with ingredients that will have you salivating; for example flair with tofu, flair with pumpkin, flair with curries, and brings the right amount of spice to each meal. They also offer a no gluten option.

Convenience is an attractive feature. just order online. The meals arrived at my home at the start of the week, well presented and labelled in an attractive box with a couple of ice packs to keep them cool. 

Prices are reasonable for 300g meals (including a range at $11.95 per meal at time of writing), considering the high quality and nutrition value. Sizes include regualr and super size. You can order a 10 pack of meals, or say order a Lunch Pack or a Dinner Box.

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Curried Pumpkin with Nigella infused Brown Basmati was a creamy indulgence but full of nutrition.

Catering for events, occasions and for corporates is also offered.

Lavanna wholefoods is also a NDIS Provider which means for those who qualify you can be heavily subsidised per meal. 

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Italian Chickpea and Olive Puttanesca with Creamy Polenta capturing delicious Italian flavours in a healthy way.

Happy days for vegans but even if you're not a vegan you will love these Lavana Wholefoods meals! To be honest I found my body craving these meals. Highly recommended and one of the best meal delivery services in Melbourne.