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Bincho Boss Tuna X Yuzu Event

Melbourne’s newest Japanese izakaya restaurant, Bincho Boss, hosted a dedicated tuna and yuzu lunch on a fine winter's Saturday and The World Loves Melbourne was invited along. This was about 6 courses that celebrated the best of Blue Fin tuna complemented perfectly by the citrus joy of bottomless Yuzu cocktails. After recently experiencing the dinner menu at Bincho Boss we feel that everything they do is top notch and exceptional. 

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Bincho Boss’ Executive Chef, Tomotaka Ishizuka, kicked-off the lunch with a Tuna Kaitai Show (live tuna cutting); showcasing his chef skills by slicing a fresh, line-caught, wild Tasmanian Bluefin Tuna before preparing it to use across the event’s six-courses. The theatre of the tuna cutting was stunning and got us all salivating. 

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Tuna had us salivating. As fresh as it gets.

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We love a ceremony such as this. Bring on the Blue fin tuna. Also check out our article on the full dining experience at Bincho Boss.

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Dishes arrived in pairs to the table, with complementing Yuzu cocktails. The cocktails were "bottomless" so you could try each one.

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Tuna tartare on crispy rice paper with otoro tuna with miso egg yolk, yuzu zest, mustard. Delicate with a punch of flavour. along with Tuna Kinuta roll featuring tuna wrapped in pickled daikon with avocado, chive, flying fish roe. Also delicate and I appreciated the pickled daikon as the outside layer of the dish for refreshing contrast.

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Tuna Yakitori skewers wrapped in bacon with charcoaled leek, yuzu kosho. A favourite of mine was the large chunks of tuna beautifully presented as Tuna Arare tuna marinated in sake, soy, mirin with yuzu kosho mayonnaise, puffed rice.

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Pick up the skewer (or use your chopsticks). I love charred leek in yakitori.

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Blue fin Nigiri with ortoro soy glaze nigiri and zuke nigiri. A work of art on a plate. Served with Tuna Wasabi Maki featuring tuna roll with cucumber, soy, wasabi stem, avocado. The nigiri were the highlight of the meal for me, super fresh high quality tuna delightfully presented in a way that shows off the skills of the chef.

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The Yuzu cocktails included:

Yuzu Spritzer - Yuzu juice, sparkling wine, apricot brandy, maraschino.

Yuzu Buttercup - White rum, vanilla syrup, yuzu juice, lemon butter, mint.

Yuzu Trilogy - Tequila, Campari, yuzu juice.

Yuzu Siesta- Yuzu juice, orange juice, verjuice, almond syrup.

Yuzu Shu - Made from Junmai sake and carefully chose yuzu juice from Shikoku Island, Japan.

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Bincho Boss has become one of the best casual Japanese restaurant options in Melbourne and features in our Best Japanese Restaurants in 2019.