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The Merrywell - Diner and Burger Bliss in Southbank

The Merrywell is a fabulous spacious restaurant in the Southbank precinct near the Crown that serves up American style diner dude food.  It's a stylish establishment that also exudes a sense of fun.

The Merrywell is a great place to meet up with people over a drink and a burger - as we discovered. When we arrived at around 4.30pm on a weekday it was relatively busy then it seemed to explode in the next half hour as over 100 people streamed in (at the end of the work day). Suddenly the place was packed with cityworkers clustered around the bar and around the tables overlooking the promendade... The noise levels rose and it was a happening venue...



Not only is there a burger wave/trend in Melbourne but a trend towards the American diner concept. Having been to America I understand the excitement over burgers. I'm grateful we have moved from burgers mainly at fast food joints and local fish and chip shops - to the gourmet offerings of today. 

The Merrywell has a simple but pleasing menu with burger highlights such as the above "The Merrywell" burger. For $20 it's a tad pricy on the Melbourne burger scene but you get a large burger with thick juicy quality meat patty, delectable cheese melted all over, lettuce, onions, sauce, crispy bacon and excellent tangy pickles. All in a large soft bun. And the burger comes with delicious golden chips/fries.

The Merrywell burger comes wrapped in paper, which is fine, but the juiciness of the burger can mean bits of soggy paper can interfere with the burger. Perhaps I'm being picky. It's a hearty quality burger. Alltogether I enjoyed The Merrywell burger. 


The Merrywell has a modern fit out including parquetry floor, high ceilings, funky lighting, sleek bars and a cool upstairs area... The feeling is more of fine dining than a basic diner, but there is a sense of the casual along with the finery...

This has to be one of the most atmospheric places to meet with your friends in Melbourne. You're right in the action here near the Casino. The large windows bring in the natural light and open up to the eclectic world of cosmopolitan Melbourne.


The KISS burger was also a winner with the hero being that large juicy meat patty... One big melted cheese and meat bliss bomb... KISS - I can't get enough of you baby...


The Merrywell chips/fries close up... Golden. Seasoned. Not too oily. Grab yourself some condiments from the table - I let loose on the mustard all over my chips/fries.

The drink selection is first class with quality beers on tap and bottles, and interesting spiders and soft drinks.

Service here is engaging and friendly, and staff are on their game. You do however need to order at the counter. (I haven't dined upstairs yet but I understand it's a step up in finery).


As we left The Merrywell two helicopters launched from the adjacent pad across the Yarra - reminding us that The Merrywell is in an upmarket part of town. The Merrywell is a restaurant I'd like to return to, for its simple but tasty burgers and its top notch ambience.