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Discover Luzhou Laojiao - The Taste of China at Sun Kitchen

This November, Sun Kitchen presents an exquisite culinary experience in collaboration with Luzhou Laojiao, matching high quality spirits with extraordinary dishes. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to experience and preview this offering and we were highly impressed at every level.

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Chinese Baijiu Cocktail on arrival taking in the stunning views.

For the first time, Melbourne fine diners can enjoy a world-class Modern Chinese 6-course menu, creatively paired with classic, popular and premium Chinese Baijiu. This exclusive menu boasts exciting flavours that will lift your appreciation of Cantonese & Sichuan cuisine, as well as bringing you on a pursuit of the finest "Spirit of China." This campaign marks Luzhou Laojiao first international collaboration with Sun Kitchen.

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Exceptional canapes to launch the evening including this Kingfish canape.

Sun Kitchen brings upmarket Chinese cuisine to Melbourne, featuring Cantonese and Sichuan dishes, and the experience is first class from the food to the beverages, to the standout service and hospitality, capped off by the stunning views. Sun Kitchen delivers on that "special experience".

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Premium offering.

Like whiskey, "Baijiu" is a distilled spirit. Located in the southern part of Sichuan, Luzhou is known as the "Baijiu City", with a history of Baijiu making for more than 1,000 years. Since the Ming Dynasty, over 36 Baijiu workshops had gradually consolidated & developed into an enormous national enterprise. The 1573 National Treasure Cellars have been used for more than 440 years, earning its honorary title of "Brewing Living Cultural Relic". 

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We dined upstairs at Sun Kitchen, a restaurant with several alluring dining spaces.

Luzhou Laojiao used underground water that is rich in calcium, magnesium & iron. The water is slightly acidic with an appropriate degree of hardness, a vital aspect for producing the highest quality of Baijiu. Only the finest grains of red glutinous sorghum from southern Sichuan is selected to achieve the purest taste & mellowness. Luzhou Laojiao owns 3 natural caves: Chunyang Cave, Drunken Weng Cave & Longquan Cave - where the ageing process takes place to develop the Baijiu's strong aroma & pure taste.

The gastronomic experience started with the Guojiao 1573 Infused Drunken Abalone and Jellyfish with Ginger, paired with Guojiao 1573 at 12'c. I enjoyed each serving of the spirit and it's interesting to compare the taste at different temperatures - for me personally I enjoyed the lower temperature the most.

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This was followed by Seared Wagyu Tataki with Sichuan Sauce paired with Guojiao 1573. Delicate elegant high quality melt in your mouth Wagyu with heat in the sauce, set off by the spirit pairing. It's amazing that a spirit derived from the year 1573 can connect in this way with modern dining.

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Another highlight was the Lobster Dumpling in Prawn Consommé, with Crispy Noodle paired with Luzhou Laojiao Zisha Daqu. As a foodie I wish I could eat luxe lobster dumplings every day with big seafood flavour and this was wonderfully paired with Luzhou Laojiao Zisha Daqu.

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Chinese Spiced Duck Breast with Guojiao Spirit of China, was exceptional. Perfectly cooked duck breast and matching spirit.

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Kung Pao Venison with Peanut, paired with Guojiao Spirit of China, was stunning. Welcome heat of the dish and unique taste of the venison, once again perfectly matched with the spirit. This dish showed us the versatility of Guojiao Spirit of China.

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Conviviality at Sun Kitchen.

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Dessert hit the high notes featuring Guojiao Raindrop Jelly with Pineapple & Osmanthus Flower, paired with Guojiao x Sun Kitchen Cocktail, a choice of Summer Love or Ace. This was a fun and playful dessert and the cocktail featured some "fairy floss".

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Mocktails are also available for non-alcoholic diners.

The art of Baijiu making has been inherited for 23 generations. In 1324, the founder of Luzhou Laojiao, Guo Hauiyu has successfully made the first ever “Da Qu” Baijiu. From the "Qu", the yeast that brings the unique fragrance to the liquor, to the quality of water which forms the lifeblood of Baijiu, Luzhou Laojiao intricate distillation process has made its hallmark throughout the long history.

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It is fabulous that Sun Kitchen is bringing the appreciation of Chinese Baijiu to Melbourne's fine dining scene, highlighting the traditional brewing techniques of Luzhou Laojiao, for which is listed as one of the preservation plans of "National Key Cultural Relics Protection Units (1996)" and "National Intangible Cultural Heritage List (2006)".

Thanks to Sun Kitchen and Luzhou Laojiao for a fabulous evening.


Here are the details:

Discover Luzhou Laojiao - The Taste of China, by Sun Kitchen

  • Friday, 1 November 2019 to Saturday, 30 November 2019, available for lunch and dinner.
  • 6-course Modern Chinese menu paired with Luzhou Laojiao.

Priced at $190 per person, inclusive of pairing.


Discover Luzhou Laojiao – The Taste of China Menu


Guojiao 1573 Infused Drunken Abalone | Jellyfish with Ginger

国窖1573 - 12度冰饮  Guojiao 1573 at 12°c


Seared Wagyu Tataki with Sichuan Sauce

国窖1573 Guojiao 1573 

清汤龙虾饺, 脆面

Lobster Dumpling in Prawn Consommé, with Crispy Noodle 

泸州老窖紫砂大曲Luzhou Laojiao Zisha Daqu 


Chinese Spiced Duck Breast


Kung Pao Venison with Peanut

国窖中国品味Guojiao Spirit of China


Guojiao Raindrop Jelly with Pineapple & Osmanthus Flower

国窖鸡尾酒Summer Love or Aces Cocktail - Guojiao x Sun Kitchen