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Harry's Ice Cream New Labels Same Delicious Flavours

Harry's Ice Cream has launched attractive new refreshed labels on its tubs but with the same delicious ice cream flavours. Harry's Ice Cream has been an ice cream favourite in our household over the years as a premium but approachable indulgence. The World Loves Melbourne was recently given tubs of the indulgent flavours with the new labels to enjoy, and we were highly impressed. The good news is that this icon of Australian ice cream is available in the supermarkets. Harry’s Ice Cream Co products can be found in all Woolworths’ stores and selected IGAs and Foodland Stores.

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Harry & Larry’s is an Australian owned business, dedicated to creating indulgent, locally produced, quality products using Australian dairy. We love the focus on Australian dairy but it's the flavours that captivate our palettes. Harry's have updated the designs of their labels; the label looks different (we like the modern refreshed look), but the flavours and what’s in the tub stays the same. 

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Peppermint Brownie refreshing and indulgent perfect with brownies/cake and cherries.

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Peanut Butter Fudge is rich and rewarding.

Family feedback after our tasting revealed it's hard to pick a favourite among the indulgent flavours: Triple Choc Brownie, Peanut Butter Fudge, Salted Caramel Fudge and Peppermint Brownie. Personally I love the Salted Caramel Fudge as my favourite but it's hard to go past the Triple Choc Brownie. All of the flavours are a hit in our home and our ice cream loving family ate all the ice cream in a relatively short period of time.

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Hard to go past Triple Choc Brownie super indulgent and we love it with fresh strawberries and brownies/cake.

In terms of recipes, the ice cream is super flavoursome and indulgent so there's no need to add too many ingredients. What we love to do is add seasonal fruits such as fresh cherries, fresh strawberries, pieces of chocolate and brownies or small portions of cake to the ice cream range. You can enjoy the ice cream straight out of the tub or in our case, scoop ice cream into the dessert bowl with a few select ingredients. Harry's Ice cream has that real creamy ice cream texture which we love.

Here's a tip when scooping ice cream - heat up the ice cream scoop under a warm tap before scooping so it slides through the ice cream perfectly.

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Salted Caramel is another favourite and family hit.

Harry’s have kept the see through reusable tubs with reworked label designs, thanks to the team at 68 Degrees. Creative Director, Sebastian Giaccotto said, “Harry’s indulgent quality is very hard to beat and we knew it would take a special something to create a visually appealing design to reflect Harry & Larry’s belief in how ice cream should taste and present itself. The Harry’s Ice Cream clear tub is unique so we wanted to be sure to highlight the reusable tub through this new branding and packaging. Less is more was our approach so it was all about decluttering the label to allow the product to speak for itself. We maintained clear, simple messages instantly communicating the right cues and paying tribute to the founders of the company and their dedication to meeting their customers’ needs.”

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Thanks Harry's for the epic spoon! The world loves ice cream we agree!

Focus groups were asked to provide feedback on a range of label designs with the almost unanimous decision for the ones chosen and now in market. After each research session, participants were loaded up with tubs of Harry’s Ice Cream to take home as a thank you. (Tough job right?).

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Harry & Larry’s Owner, Lawrence Harris said, “We were delighted to invite Harry’s customers into the factory to get their feedback firsthand. It’s always great meeting our dedicated fans and hearing their thoughts on our products and what they’d like us to do next. From these insights, we’ve updated the look of our ice cream in the reusable tubs, but not the taste and recipe. They also gave us a few ideas on some new products, so stay tuned on what’s next for Harry & Larry’s”.

Look for your favourite Harry’s Ice Cream Co flavours – now with newly designed labels on their reusable tubs. Get your Harry’s Ice Cream Co products from Woolworths and selected IGA and Foodland Stores.  Check out @harrysicecream #sp