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Taco Bell's First Melbourne Store Launches in South Yarra

Taco Bell has launched in Melbourne (December 7) and we attended a stunning launch event at their new store in 352 Chapel St South Yarra. A highlight of the event was the Taco Bell Tram which took us on an incredible ride up and down Chapel St with live music and tacos served fresh on board the tram. We were highly impressed with the food and beverage offerings, the price point, and the sense of fun and culture that makes Taco Bell a leader in the Tex-Mex space.

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Fresh crunchy tacos served on the Taco Bell Tram at the launch event. Super fresh and tasty.

tacobellweb 11

Taco Bell Tram-Thru.

tacobellweb 14

Tunes as we travelled alomg Chapel St.

Taco Bell has quietly been making its mark in Queensland with seven Queensland openings, and now the company is expanding south. With plans to launch 50 more Australian stores over the next three years, Taco Bell is launching two Victorian stores by the end of the year (Hawthorn by end of the year and this one in South Yarra).

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Taco Bell Tram-Thru is a world first.

If you make it along to the opening day, you'll be able to score some limited-edition merch and one lucky taco fan will win a year's supply of food. How good is that!

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Icons on the tram floor.

Taco Bell is famous for its Tex-Mex menu, inspired by Mexican food but interpreted in its own fun way, featuring burritos, loaded fries, quesadillas, nachos and, of course, tacos. For those diningat the restaurant, frozen margaritas and a range of craft beers will also be available.

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More crunchy tacos at the launch event on Chapel St.

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Great vibe in the new store.

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Fun times with Taco Bell in Melbourne.

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Stacked Chips Supreme one of my favourites.

tacobellweb 74

Stacked Nachos Supreme with pulled pork.

tacobellweb 79

Super popular Crunchwrap Supreme.

tacobellweb 87

Cheesy Gordita Crunch was super cheesy.

tacobellweb 97

Modern space with comfortable chairs and booths.

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Desserts were also fun featuring Chocodilla and Churros.

Taco Bell's Australian arm currently includes stores in Annerley, Cleveland, North Lakes, Robina, Southport, Logan Central and Townsville, with two more set to open in NSW before the year's out. With promises of more than 50 across the country, we can expect more stores to open in Melbourne in the coming days. Fun and recommended.