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Melbourne Gin A Crafted Gin Designed for Melbourne

Melbourne Gin is a gin specifically crafted for Melbourne bringing together the best of Melbourne in a gin. Australian Distilling Company have produced a series of gins for each Australian city, and we were sent a bottle of Melbourne Gin to review. It's a follow on for us to the Adelaide Gin, which also has it's own unique character.

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Melbourne Gin has been crafted with the understanding that Melbourne is a city that celebrates the old and the new and whatever comes next, transcending traditions and transforming them into that elusive quality that is Melbourne’s charm. For a start we know that Melbourne loves it's gin! Based on gin consumption, popular gin feativals, and the the plethora of events we have attended where gin is the hero.
So, it made sense that when distilling the spirit of Melbourne, Australian Distilling Company  chose gin – a drink with its roots threading back through the centuries, yet a perfectly versatile base to set the stage for a uniquely modern fusion of local flavours, and a tipple for all seasons.
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Attractive packaging.
In any great gin, the way in which flavours reveal themselves should be an experience that awakens the senses and tells a story. Melbourne Gin awakened our senses in a way we didn't expect. We enjoyed the gin with tonic, the most popular way of enjoying gin. And it was a hit. But it was when we savoured Melbourne Gin on the rocks that we connected with its true character. My wife and I both said to each other, "Wow, this is so smooth." Not every gin is reommended to drink on the rocks but Melbourne gin definitely yes!
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Experience a lively but not overpowering juniper hit. Take in the nuances of spice of cassia bark and Java pepper.
Australian Distilling Company takes painstaking care when distilling their gin in small batches, using locally sourced botanicals to create a multilayered, perfectly balanced blend – one that stands its ground straight up, on the rocks or in a cocktail, and reveals different notes of its personality in each interpretation. And what striking packaging! 
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Enjoyed with tonic and spring of rosemary and lemon or on the rocks.
Melbourne Gin is a modern-day re-imagining of a classic, taking tradition and rewriting it with the sensory revelry that’s become a symbol of the city itself. When you first partake of Melbourne Gin, we suggest pouring it neat or over ice to let it play to its strengths. If you prefer to mix things up in a cocktail, visit their mixology page for recommendations and inspiration. As Melbourne as Flinders St Station, rooftop bars, laneways and the MCG!