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Tremila Hand-Stretched Pizzas Home Delivery

Tremila fresh gourmet pizzas, popular with Melbourne cafes and restaurants, are now available for home delivery at affordable prices. The good news is also that Tremila pizzas  are top quality and come vac wrapped so you can store up a supply in the freezer. Tremila is about young chefs expanding their Melbourne wholesale gourmet pizza business in light of COVID-19 lockdown laws. Brilliant. 

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Conveniently wrapped so you can store in the fridge or freezer.

We were sent 5 pizzas and were blown away - up with the best pizzas in Melbourne with perfect "chew" on the pizza dough base and quality ingredients and overall great taste. We love Italian style pizzas and Tremila excites with their pizza range. We judge most pizza makers by their Margherita pizzas, and Tremila delivers in spades with a standout Margherita that has you coming back for more.

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We couldn't wait; straight from the oven (only 5-7 minutes). The Vegetarian was a crowd pleaser.

One year ago, restaurateurs Ramey Samweil and Dane Conboy launched Tremila, offering wholesale, authentically Italian, hand-stretched pizzas to commercial kitchens, restaurants, pubs and cafes around Melbourne. Business was booming, with Tremila supplying its freshly crafted goods to over twenty venues including major hospitality groups like the Caulfield Racing ClubPegasus Leisure Group and popular eateries like Sonder, Etto and The Albion Hotel. However, since COVID-19 restrictions have been issued, Tremila have sadly had to stop working with over 80 per cent of clients, leading the business to expand its offering to everyone and anyone within the Melbourne region. 

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Yes please!

Tremila pizzas are not your average frozen or homemade pizzas and over the past three weeks over 7,000 pizzas have been personally delivered by Ramey and Dane to homes around Melbourne. All pizzas use imported ‘00’ flour from Naples along with a complicated 48-hour fermentation process, ensuring a fluffy artisan style crust, just like you would get in Italy. In addition to the authentic bases, Tremila only uses imported tomato sauce for the base of pizza and a combination of local meats, cheeses and vegetables ensuring Melbourne influence is present in its flavour choices.

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Oozy cheese goodness. Top notch pizzas at decent prices.

Ten delicious flavours are available to order at wholesale prices via the Tremila website and there are also options for gluten free and vegan cheeses to be substituted too. Classic pizzas include Margherita ($10), Garlic ($10), Pepperoni ($12), Capricciosa ($12), Vegetarian ($12.50) and Hawaiian ($11.50). In addition, Tremila also offers gourmet flavours for those looking for something a little extra which include, Spanish Bullfighter ($13), Prosciutto ($13) and Sopressa ($13). 

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Prosciutto pizza was my personal favourite.

“Like millions of other people, COVID-19 restrictions have impacted our business dramatically.” said Ramey Samwell, Co-Owner of Tremila. “We are devastated to have had to shut down our restaurant in Oakleigh, The Italian Corner, after 3 succesful years and are now focussing all our efforts on Tremila. We are just trying to be as positive as we can and do everything to keep working and making delicious food for Melbournians so they can continue their love affair with Italian food whilst in isolation. We know how important quality is to Melbournians and our pizzas are something that can bring people comfort during this terrible time.” 

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Tremila pizzas can be kept fresh in the fridge for up to twelve days and in the freezer for up to three months and only take 5-7 minutes to heat up in the oven. Keep some on hand for a quick easy meal for you or the family, and when your pizza craving hits!

For all orders, please visit Highly recommended.