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Westward Whiskey Take Home Gold at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

The Olympics may have been postponed, but the highest rated American single malt – Westward Whiskey – has still managed to take home gold at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The brands portfolio of whiskeys were awarded 4 gold medals, and the collection of honours were awarded to both the flagship whiskey offerings, including Westward American Single Malt and Westward Oregon Stout Cask (which will be released in Australia next month), as well as some of our forthcoming releases. We were given a bottle to review and I can testify to the excellence of this whiskey. Immediately you can tell there's something that stands out from the pack; full of flavour and character but with a smooth elegance. Enjoyed on the rocks or neat. also perfect with cocktails but I like to savour the nuances of the whiskey on its own. Hints of spice, as well as earhty, floral, herbal, fruity and sweet. This whiskey has it all.

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The accolades from the industry’s most prestigious awards judging event include:

  • GOLD MEDAL, Westward American Single Malt Whiskey, Oregon, USA [45%]
  • GOLD MEDAL, Westward Oregon Stout Cask Finish Whiskey, Oregon, USA [45%]
  • GOLD MEDAL, Westward Rum Cask Finish Whiskey, Oregon, USA [45%]
  • GOLD MEDAL, Westward Rum Cask Finish Whiskey, Oregon, USA [62.5%]

These awards are a huge feat for the craft distillery that brews and distils entirely in Portland, Oregon. Inspired by the region’s unique culture, climate and natural ingredients, every Westward Whiskey tipple is distinct, rich, brazen and full of flavour.

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Across the brands entire range, each liquid has a unique flavour that is achieved by following Westward’s Minimalist Distilling philosophy. Westward begins by brewing an artisanal American pale ale from scratch, using 100% Northwest two-role pale malted barley, ale yeast, and then fermented at low temperatures for extended periods. The fresh ale is distilled twice in custom low-reflux copper pot stills that are designed to create a robust spirit, and transform the fresh beer into whiskey. Westward Whiskey is then aged to taste in new, charred American oak barrels, where Oregon’s dry, hot summers and cool, wet winters create the ideal environment to raise a world class whiskey.

Imported and distributed by Think Spirits in Australia, Westward Whiskey is available in leading independent liquor stores, Vintage Cellars, and Dan Murphy's. 

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