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The Healthy Cooks - Exciting new TV series

Exciting new food television series  The Healthy Cooks is an eight-part food television series airing for the first time this summer. With the support AIA Vitality, The Healthy Cooks shares recipes, tips and hacks around eating well and being well. It’s making a change for the better. With healthier food choices, exercise and great new recipes, it’s about being the best version of you.

The Healthy Cooks is the newest, high-energy and fun-filled series on television this year. Join four amazing cooks, eight delicious episodes, and twenty-four exciting recipes. It’s just the recipe for everyone to enjoy. You’ll love it, share it and be back for more.

Adventurous, gorgeous and passionate, The Healthy Cooks stars the a super team line-up of Tobie Puttock, Diana Chan, Stephanie Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw from Keep it Cleaner.

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It’s brand new and totally fresh, focusing on food health and wellbeing. Each weekly episode rolls out nutritious cooking ideas, with tips, tricks and hacks to creating great recipes and better food choices.

Executive Producer Catherine Gunn says, “We’ve had a tough year in Australia with COVID-19 and we’re all looking for uplifting, fresh and positive entertainment. This food series was created to bring simple changes into our homes and kitchens to make big differences to people’s lives – to create joy”.

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Created and produced by Bengar Films in Melbourne, The Healthy Cooks responds to Australia’s growing health movement, for everyone to share in.

The recipes are designed for all people to enjoy, exploring all types of diets, including plant-based, gluten-free, pescatarian and FODMAP recipes. Series Creator Ben Gartland says, “We’re all addicted to photographing beautiful plates of food and posting for friends to enjoy. This new series taps into what we’re already doing with our mobile phones -- sharing food ideas.

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At The Healthy Cooks we think it’s about sharing the goodness of cooking and having a good time doing it. So, we’ve aimed at reshaping the traditional cooking show format, with entertainment which is contemporary, relevant and fun for audiences to follow.

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The line-up of talent for The Healthy Cooks is a tour-de-force of social media prowess, positivity and 2 genuine passion for making healthier food choices. It’s certainly makes sharing food recipes exciting and we’re clearly not taking ourselves too seriously. It simply connects our food choices to feeling good and being happy – and that’s what we all need right now.”


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Tobie Puttock is a professional chef who has cooked around the world and worked alongside Jamie Oliver on projects including 15 and Australia’s Ministry of Food. Now living in Melbourne and with a healthy plant-based food focus, he is sharing new recipes and a healthy approach to the kitchen. Tobie has featured in the Channel 10 hit series, Jamie’s Kitchen Australia (2006) and Lifestyle’s FOOD TV series, Tobie and Matt – Europe and Asia (2008) as well as several years as a Guest Judge with Channel 7’s ratings hit My Kitchen Rules.

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Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw are the founders of ‘Keep it Cleaner’ (aka KIC), an online lifestyle program that helps you live a better life, without the fuss. Their combined passion for wellbeing and health, led them to publish a healthy eating cookbook, ‘Keep it Clean’ in 2015. The book was super-successful and led to the launch of the KIC website early in 2016. The site has since become one of the fastest growing fitness subscriber sites in the country. Stephanie and Laura also have expanded ‘Keep It Cleaner’ into a food product range which is available at supermarkets nationally.

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Diana Chan was a contestant on MasterChef Australia’s 9th season and took out first place, which attracted a huge following of fans who love her style, passion and honesty. From a very young age and Diana learnt to cook from her parents, but it was only when she moved to Melbourne that her interest grew as she discovered the farmers’ markets that supplied plenty of fresh and local produce from around Australia. Diana is currently working with children through food education via the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program and is pre-production of Season 2 of her very popular food show, Asia Unplated on SBS Food. 

Are you ready? Then get your skates on and join us at The Healthy Cooks, premiering 1pm (AEST) Saturday 7th November on Channel Nine.