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Yakikami Premium Japanese BBQ on Josper Grills

Yakikami is a game changer serving up premium Japanese BBQ on Josper Grills featuring Binchotan charcoal, and is a unique experience in Melbourne. We were invited to experience the joy of the best of Japanese BBQ at this new restaurant in South Yarra.

Yakikami draws on the expertise of Emily and Roy Yu [South Yarra's Wagyu Ya, which we love, and Niku Ou] paired with a sophisticated take on traditional Japanese barbecue. We enjoyed a great night out where authentic Japanese yakitori is king.

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But as per all of the Yu's restaurants, what you're assured to receive at Yakikami is produce of pristine province, cooked to flavoursome perfection over hot charcoal Josper grills. Image above credit: Yakikami. Many ingredients are sourced based on their sheer quality, including several from South Australia, Victoria and even Japan.

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Kitchen action.

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Whisky Mikan Tea is a fabulous cocktail with stunning theatrical presentation.

A standout dish is chicken ramen made from a broth of 9-hour chicken bone stock, delivering a flavour much lighter than the traditional beef or pork ramen stock. A gorgeous silver cod dish receives a commendation as does the chef’s choice of 3 yakitori skewers, and the cold shredded chicken with yuzu kosho, kohlrabi and finger lime. As well as this, you simply can’t go past the most tender Nomad pasture-raised sommerlad chicken yakitori skewers, from Adelaide.

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Sleek, sophisticated and moody restaurant interiors that simultaneously channel restraint and opulence, Yakikami seats 70 guests in total. A 350 sqm yakitori station for the Nomad chicken occupies centre stage where guests can delight in the drama and drool in anticipation of their meals being cooked by expertly trained yakitori chefs. Image credit above: Yakikami

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Whilst on the other pit, the Josper burns white charcoals imparting a clean, flavour to the Kobe, David Blackmore and Sher Wagyu beef. Guests can of course choose, chicken AND beef, while vegetables make a star appearance too, not relegated to supporting roles.

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Image credit: Yakikami

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Chicken skewers are juicy and packed with flavour.

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Temaki King Ora Salmon. Clean and unique.

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Sher Wagyu with truffle sauce and soy butter sauce (cooked for 40 hours to a rich reduction).

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Wild yellow mushroom tempura was another highlight.

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Chicken skin rice was indulgent and one of my favorite dishes.

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Salted ice cream wiht Jan Roc extra virgin olive oil.

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Chocolate anglaise with yuzu jelly drops.

A brand-new dining concept, Yakikami menus have been created by Michelin star Chef Hirokazu Sasaki. Hirokazu Sasaki has worked in one of the best Tokyo based restaurants