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Premium BBQ with Layers at The Que Club

When it comes to a premier BBQ experience in Melbourne and even Australia, The Que Club in Brunswick East (the space formerly occupied by Hellenic Republic) is right up there, featuring both a highly impressive restaurant and store, as well as running cooking classes. We were invited along on a weeknight to sample the best of The Que Club. Is The Que Club primarily a standout restaurant with a retail store or is it a fabulous BBQ retail space with a restaurant on the side? The truth is, The Que Club excels at both and that is why we think they are BBQ royalty in this city, and indeed the nation.

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Spectacular Grilled King Prawns.

The Que Club is all about layers. Sure you can get a big hunk of meat and satisfy your primal self, or you can appreciate the array of stunning dishes with high quality sauces and loads of technique, and understand that The Que Club raises the bar on all things BBQ.

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Grilled Kingfish Collar hit the high notes and it was the sauce that elevated the dish.

The Que Club has heart and soul. According to highly talented Executive Chef Fabio Castello, The Que Club "brings a Mamma's heart" and his philosophy is that "food is to share". We experienced the heart of The Que Club in their dishes, ambience, service and all round savvy. 

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Packed on a weeknight.

I've always felt a top notch BBQ experience is not just about the quality ingredients (which are crucial) but what you do with them. At The Que Club there's plenty of technique and flair, with a driving force being the owners Andrew and Pam Kavanagh (passionate BBQ aficionados) and star Brazilian Executive Chef Fabio Castello.

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Fabio is a genius with an impressive pedigree.

Yes there is the attraction of outstanding American BBQ but there are many elements to The Que Club including seafood and vegetarian and vegan cooking. 

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Finesse and flair.


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Place your lamb inside the betel leaf along with accompaniments and enjoy a dish with bold flavour and fun.

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Crab cake heaven.

We were excited to enjoy the “Natural Born Griller” menu – Fabio’s selection of the very best of The Que Club. We were glad we arrived hungry. Chef Fabio is a master of perfect balance of smoke, salt and spice and brings loads of flavour to every dish. We were also impressed by the local craft beer menu. Our wine selection with our meal was on point including Isway Mataro from the Barossa Valley.

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Brazilian Wild Rice was a delightful dish (more than a side).

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Crispy Brussel Sprouts with smoked beetroot puree was a revelation.

We were quick to realise this was a standout restaurant experience, let alone a top notch BBQ destination.

Highlights included (from the new menu) -

Grilled King Prawn with Bacon XO sauce, rosemary, ciabatta

Satay Lamb Loin Skewer (lamb from Tasmania) with Nam Jim sauce and betel leaf

Grilled Kingfish Collar with Roe and Vermouth Veloute

Smoked Crab Cake

Smoked house made sausage  

Smoked Duck Breast with Poached Quince, Artichoke Puree

Lamb Ribs with Guava sauce

Sliced Angas Brisket with sweet and sour charred carrots

Crispy Brussel Sprouts with smoked beetroot puree

Brazilian Wild Rice

Tart with Mandarin

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Sliced Angas Brisket was of the highest quality and cooked to perfection.

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Smoked Duck Breast was another smash hit, with another sauce to rave about.

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We were also shown around the retail space and received a bespoke goodie bag full of all the items we needed to rock our own BBQ at home.


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All things BBQ with a retail space that you will want to spend time in.

Andrew and Pam Kavanagh, owners of The Que Club, are proud of their award-winning BBQ. The Que Club is a premier destination for lovers of BBQ with a stunning restaurant and the retail space stocking grills and smokers and all the equipment you need to be a BBQ beast. The Que Club has been voted Australia's favourite BBQ brand in 2018 and 2019, a worthy achievement.


Tomahawk inspiration.

Feeling inspired and want to learn more of the tricks of the trade? The Que Club runs amazing courses including for beginners and those who are more advanced in their BBQ skills. Find out about upcoming courses here: Que Class Events