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Premium Uni Boom Boom Sea Urchin Dining Experience

Uni Boom Boom offers one of the most unique and rewarding luxe dining experiences in Melbourne with their sea urchin (gold of the sea) themed restaurant located in Glen Waverley. Having been to hundreds of restaurants in Melbourne this is certainly one of our most memorable experiences.

At Uni Boom Boom you can go for an entry level experience as a sea urchin novice that won't break the bank, or go "all out" with their luxe seafood platters. The owners are keen to introduce sea urchin to locals at a fair price - some dishes may seem expensive but compared to prices around the world, they are extremely reasonable. Normally internationally, the servings of sea urchin in dishes is small, even just a bite, but here at Uni Boom Boom the sea urchin portions are generous.

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Sea Urchin Hot Dog is rewarding and was a brilliant introduction to the joy of sea urchin dining.

We were invited along to experience the premium dishes and to learn more about sea urchin dining. The dishes we enjoyed at Uni Boom Boom were first class, with each highlighting the taste (buttery, even slightly sweet) and texture (creamy and fresh) of sea urchins. The name Uni Boom Boom means an explosion of sea urchin (uni = sea urchin in Japanese).

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Sea urchin popcorn.

A delicacy in Asian cultures, sea urchin is the "gold of the sea". The delicate golden roe is highly sought after around the world, and we understand enthusiasts come straight to UniBoomBoom to savour its delights as their first destination in Melbourne after getting off their flight.

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Captain Premium Wagyu Urchin Rice Bowl is a luxe experience.

Prized for its flavour, texture, health benefits (rich in protein and dietary fibre, minerals and Beta Carotene, Vitamins A and C and omega-3 fatty acids), and even claims of it being an aphrodisiac, sea urchins require a labor intensive process of being hand picked by experienced divers and meticulously cleaned (skill in not damaging the delicate roe).

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Foie Gras Urchin Ramen, just pour the soup into the bowl.

Uni Boom Boom is a unique and impressive experience as soon as you arrive (in a suburban street away from the main Glen Waverley drag), with the urchin themed door, the mannequin diver in the hallway, with education presentation along the walls, the engaging staff, and the compelling menu highlighting sea urchins. 

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Robot in action bringing dishes to tables (while staff also involved in placing them on the tables).

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Diver mannequin.

Premium dishes (with Japanese influences) included:

Sea Urchin Hot Dog - taking the concept of hot dog to new heights and showcasing sea urchin in an approachable fun way.

Captain Premium Wagyu Urchin Rice Bowl - loved the luxe melt in your mouth sea urchin combined with M9 wagyu and the egg yolk.

Foie Gras Urchin Ramen (with spicy soup) - decadent flavours and textures with the broth made from bioling sea urchin for 48 hours, and the soup was not overpowering.

Golden Rose Edible Nest Soup (dessert) - such a unique experience with edible birds nest made by swiftlets with their saliva (basically solidified bird saliva)  and there's a story about this going back centuries. 

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Milk Tea.

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Signature Golden Rose Edible Nest Soup is a unique experience in Melbourne.

Pacific Sea Urchin Australia Pty Ltd specialise in export and distribution of Australian sea urchin, and both the company and the sea urchins are Australian-based (fished off the coast of Australia). The processing plant for this operation is based in Tasmania. The company plans to increase its share of the growing world market.

The inception of Uni Boom Boom is aimed to innovate fresh Australia sea urchin as a core ingredient along with other local and imported fresh seafood.

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From sea urchin ice cream, sea urchin coffee, sea urchin macaroons, sea urchin pop corn, sea urchin soy sauce, sea urchin dessert, Uniboomboom has more than 1000 different varieties and sea urchin creative dishes.

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Director James Liew has strong ambitions for the local and international sea urchin market.

Uni Boom Boom is a popular tourist and local attraction for being a unique sea urchin themed restaurant giving the best sea urchin adventure.

There are millions of sea urchins attacking the delicate ecosystem of the Australia Coast, so while being a delicacy, sea urchins are also something of a pest. Uni Boom Boom has the go ahead by authorities as assisting sustainability of the ocean ecosystem. The sea urchin population is up 10,000% in recent years, and they pose a serious risk to kelp forests.

We viewed a video of how the long-spined sea urchin is some kind of sea vacuum cleaner devouring everything in sight on the ocean floor.

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We received a tour and education from James Liew on the sea urchin phenomenon.

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Uni Boom Boom customers in average have helped with already eating 10metric tonne live weight of Australia sea urchin from Victoria, New South Wales and the Tasmania east coast per year.

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Director James gave us a personal tour of the restaurant and educated us regarding the sea urchin process, their philosophy and business. Apart from enjoying a luxe delicacy, by eating at Uni Boom Boom you are also doing your bit for the environment.

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Highly recommended.