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Delicious Lunch at Souper Bistro in Caulfield

Souper Bistro is a remarkable Kosher not-for-profit charitable social enterprise cafe in Caulfield, full of heart and soul, impacting communities with its delicious food and philanthropic programs. The food and drink (notably coffee plus they are licensed) at Souper Bistro is delicious, featuring Eastern European favourites. We were invited along to experience a Souper Bistro feast, meet some of the staff and hear their stories, and to learn more about this remarkable enterprise.

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What a feast!

Souperinsta 04955

Souperinsta 04949

Exceptional dumplings.

Souperinsta 04916

Hearty Borsch.

Souperinsta 04850

Outstanding Schnitzels (we enjoyed these at home).

Souperinsta 04851

Chicken Kiev's cooked to perfection.

From the Russian salads such as Olivier salad, Vinegret and Babaganoush, to the Zucchini Latke, Cabbage Rolls, Schnitzels and chips (these Schnitzels are magnificent), Chicken Kiev's, and incredible Dumplings, the food is joyous with a touch of nostalgia.

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Other highlights include Shakshuka, Dips, Pelmeni, Barramundi, Meatballs, and soup. The food is fresh, well-presented, and altogether delicious.

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Zucchini Latke.

Souperinsta 04857

Souperinsta 04907

Famous and historical Olivier Salad.

Souperinsta 04909

Vibrant Vinegret Salad.

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Mouth watering Babaganoush.

What is even more brilliant is that Souper Kitchen the charitable organisation helps out over 300 Melbourne families (currently) with food handouts. This includes reaching out to those in need facing domestic violence situations, isolated members of the community, as well as Mums in need. Souper provides the community with free home-style meals as well as fresh produce, grocery and necessity items for people in need.

Souperinsta 04945 

Irresistible Cabbage Rolls.

Souper Kitchen helps out anyone regardless of their situation without judgement. Profits from Souper Bistro go to the Souper Kitchen charity. In recent times they have funded 42 Ukrainian refugees to come and settle in Melbourne through the Soft Landing project. Often those who have benefited from Souper Kitchen eventually become volunteers themselves.

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There’s a healthy edge to the food here, with no preservatives, fresh produce, and Kosher preparation. Coffee is also excellent, which I enjoyed with almond milk. Souper Bistro is also popular for cooking up takeaway for Friday Shabbat dinners. The $50 Family Nights are also super popular.

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What a selection - no need to cook at home.

Yana and Lana are doing an amazing job and it was great to meet them and the team. Social programs and catering are also a feature. As Yana says “Food brings people together. Eat good, do good.”

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Delicious energy balls.

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Call in for first class coffee.

Visit Souper Bistro in Caulfield to dine in or for takeaway for a rewarding experience, as well as check them out on Uber Eats and Menulog. Soiuper Bistro is a special cafe in Melbourne with delicious healthy food and a big heart. Highly recommended.