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Rocco's Bologna Discoteca

Rocco's Bologna Discoteca has set the world on fire since it launched in May earlier in 2022. we were invited along to a media launch event and could tell that this was a legit Italian sensation from the beginning.

As I reflected at the end of the year on my best foodie experiences of 2022 I realised that while I'd posted on social media I hadn't posted on my blog about my experience at Rocco's Bologna Discoteca.

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So hope you get the positive vibe from this article, given there has been some changes to the menu. Since the launch the Meatball Sub has achieved superstar status in Melbourne (although not included in this article).

We enjoyed a top notch evening at Rocco's Bologna with delicious Italian specialities, great hospitality and conviviality in spades. First impression are of a nod to nostalgia with the cool retro fit out. Felt like I was on the set of The Godfather or something. 🇮🇹🍝

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We are big fans of the cocktails, wines and eclectic menu including rock oysters and baked clams, flatbread, burrata, anchovies & sardines, the baked stella alpina and figs, house salumi, crudo…

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And exceptional mains of rustic Chicken hearts pasta and the Coppertree Farm Club steak with sides. Dessert also hit the high notes with Zeppole, Amaro Butterscotch. The Meatball Sub remains on the radar.

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All the good things!