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Delicious Butter Chicken at Red Pepper restaurant in Melbourne

Butter chicken has become a favorite of Indian food lovers around the world, and Red Pepper in Bourke St Melbourne serves up a delicious rendition of this dish. It's all about taste and texture and owner/chef Jagjeet Kaur makes this dish at Red Pepper with expert use of spices.

Butter chicken is a popular Indian dish that has become popular all over the world, including Australia. The dish is believed to have originated in Delhi, India, in the 1950s. It's not meant to be a super hot dish, but more on the mild side.


According to legend, the dish was created by accident when a chef named Kundan Lal Gujral mixed leftover tandoori chicken with a creamy tomato gravy. Gujral was the owner of a restaurant called Moti Mahal, which was known for its tandoori chicken. However, he noticed that the leftover chicken would become too dry if it was reheated, so he decided to mix it with a tomato-based gravy that he had been experimenting with. The result was a rich and flavorful dish that became an instant hit with his customers.

Butter chicken quickly became popular in Delhi and soon spread to other parts of India. It also gained popularity among Indian expatriates living abroad, particularly in the United Kingdom. In the 1970s, a restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland, called the Shish Mahal, began serving butter chicken, which became so popular that it is now considered the national dish of the United Kingdom. It also has prime of place in Australia as one of our favorite foods.

Today, butter chicken is enjoyed all over the world including in Melbourne, and has become a staple on the menu of many Indian restaurants. While the recipe has evolved over time, it still features the key ingredients that make it so delicious: tandoori chicken, a creamy tomato-based sauce, and a blend of aromatic spices.

The history of butter chicken in Melbourne can be traced back to the early 1970s when Indian migrants began to settle in the city. As more and more Indian restaurants opened up, butter chicken became a popular item on the menu.


One of the earliest Indian restaurants in Melbourne was Tandoori House, which opened in 1968. The restaurant's owner, Ram Singh, is credited with introducing Melbourne to butter chicken. Singh had previously worked in a restaurant in Delhi that was famous for its butter chicken, and he brought the recipe with him when he migrated to Australia. Tandoori House quickly became known for its butter chicken, which was made using a recipe that was closely guarded by Singh.


In the years that followed, other Indian restaurants in Melbourne began to serve butter chicken, and it became a staple on Indian restaurant menus across the city. Today, Melbourne is home to a vibrant Indian community and has some of the best Indian restaurants in Australia, such as Red Pepper. Butter chicken continues to be a popular dish, as judged by the nearly 5,000 readers of my Best Butter Chicken in Melbourne article and nearly 50,000 readers of my Best Indian Restaurants in Melbourne article. It is a great option no matter the season and the weather.

At Red Pepper Butter Chicken is popular, but Red Pepper is also famous for showcasing some of the other authentic Indian dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian (and vegan). #sponsored