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Pastry & Sandwich Heaven at DROM Bakery

Dropped into Bayswater from a futuristic world, Dröm Bakery is a revelation, serving up high quality hulking sandwiches (cold and toasted), stunning croissants, pies and sausage rolls, bagels and other bakery treats. Surely one of the best bakeries in Melbourne.


Grab the extraordinary Cold Cutz (dare I say "hulking") Sandwich, The Big BEEF, Ham & Cheese Toastie or Rockin' Pork and Roll. All hugely satisfying with imaginative and quality ingredients. The picture tells the story.



For mine, Dröm Bakery is not your typical bakery, rather it brings a slice of finery and innovation to the table. The word "artisanal" is appropriate; you get the feeling these people have thought it through and are tapping into their creativity.



Star of the show. Salted Caramel and the Mixed Berry and Custard Croissants.



Katsu Sando that is one of the best in Melbourne.


Generous fillings. No short cuts here. 


Triple Cheese Toastie is exceptional.

Dröm Bakery is takeaway only and is an offshoot of popular local The Hatter and the Hare cafe next door. Half moon crescent-shaped croissant are also a thing. The Pork Onion and Sage Sausage Roll is a showstopper.

Pastries are next level including Mixed Berry and Custard and Salted Caramel Croissants. Also their fresh bread offerings are top notch, notably the Country Cob (sourdough), which was wonderfully thick sliced for me. Get on board.

All brought together with decent Five Senses coffee.