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K-BBQ Heaven at Mansae in Burwood

Mansae Korean BBQ has a rave reputation in Melbourne as the best in Korean BBQ. Often there are lines out the door in the city location and we were invited along to the new restaurant in Burwood (David and Zoe). We arrived to discover a packed restaurant, as the popularity of Mansae is just as stong in the eastern suburbs.

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Translating to 'hip-hip-hooray' Mansae is a true commemoration of one of Korea's most authentic yet urbanised dining experiences - Korean barbecue! It truly was an upbeat experience and vibe at Mansae Burwood, with a bevvy of engaging wait staff who are willing also to cook your meal (for those of us who are still not experts).

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The team at Mansae opening a sibling outpost in Burwood East is a great move for those of us who live in the east and love K-BBQ.

Top quality meats, fabulous service (they cook for you), and a fun modern vibe were the features of our visit. 

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They currently have an offer of Wagyu Beef Belly for only $10 during 5-6pm Happy Hour (to the end of May). 

Wagyu meats are the showstopper here but other dishes on the menu are seriously good. Mansae even imports the best of Kimchi from Korea. 

Interesting that the vibe at Mansae Burwood is bright with lights up rather than dimmed. It really is an uplifting fun place to be. 

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We (David and Zoe) ordered -
✨ Happiness set (for 2) - Wagyu Scotch Fillet, Wagyu Rib Finger, Wagyu Beef Belly, and Prime Pork Belly. M8/M9+ 
These prime cuts are melt in your mouth and don’t need sauce but they supply excellent sauces. 

✨ Mansae Yangnyeom Galbi -
48 hour marinated wagyu beef ribs. Sweet, caramelised delicious taste (a must order, normally takes hours to cook but they break it down with their marinade so it can be cooked in a short time, packed with flavour and doesn’t need sauce)

✨ Gyeran -Jjim Soufflé - perfect to complement all the amazing meats

✨ Wagyu Yukhoe Beef tartare - incredible dish with sweetness of Nashi pear

✨ Seafood pancake (another must-order)

✨ Korean Corn cheese (popular and so rewarding, best eaten hot)

✨ Virgin mocktail 

✨ Soju bomb (soju in shot glass placed inside beer glass with Korean beer poured in) 

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To celebrate the grand opening, Mansae is offering $10 Wagyu beef belly for happy hour between 5-6pm! 

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Mansae Korean BBQ Burwood offers a larger menu and dining space, with the same quality and attention to detail as in the CBD. Fun, interactive and casual, Mansae delivers the very best in quality Australian Wagyu beef and free-range prime pork, cooked fresh at the table over the hot grill - the proper K-BBQ way! Surely one of the best Korean BBQ dining experiences in Melbourne (if not the best!). #invite