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Thali Thursdays at INDU Dining

Celebrating Thali Thursdays at INDU Melbourne, a highly rewarding experience. Incredible value and high class offering bringing the best of Southern Indian & Sri Lankan village cuisine. INDU is a restaurant I’ve been wanting to visit for a while and I was not disappointed.
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This is one of the best value dinner offerings in Melbourne in my opinion.
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Thursday Thali -
Your choice of Pork, Chicken or Tofu curry + ⁠
Bitter melon pickle⁠
Cucumber, chilli salad⁠
​​​​Devilled vegetables⁠
Steamed basmati rice⁠
Papadum & paratha⁠
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The ambience of INDU Melbourne is outstanding on Collins St. To be honest we were full from this one delicious, fresh and seasonal Thali dish. Many diners can’t finish it. For only $35 the value is awesome, and in a classy restaurant. 
I loved the variety, spice and nuance of each element of the Thali. 
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Cocktail game is strong and they have a decent wine list. The whisky sour with Indian @pauljohnwhisky is delicious, as is the G&T with @younghenrys gin.
Service was also exceptional.