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Aunty Kim's Lunch with Friends with Jerry Mai

Joyous Vietnamese Sunday feast “Lunch with Friends” with icon Chef Jerry Mai at stunning events space Aunty Kim's, was a triumph.

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Vibrant dishes with bold flavours and fun diner participation made for a memorable afternoon in Collingwood.

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A sensory and hands on experience, from the canapes to the Eggplant with pork crackling, the DIY Rice Paper Rolls, and the spectacular Barramundi, to the extraordinary Lamb Shank and accompaniments for Banh Mi, and the Vietnamese dessert with coffee jelly. Not to mention a striking table presentation, excellent service, and a strong cocktail game.

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Aunty Kim’s monthly chef collaborations are not to be missed, celebrating the cuisines of countries across Southeast Asia.

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Each lunch combines each chef's menu with the traditional & contemporary stunning flavours from Rice Paper Scissors.

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Upcoming lunches feature -
23rd July - Malaysian with Diana Chan
27th Aug - Filipino American with Mark Tagnipez
15th Oct - Indian with Daman Shrivastav

Each lunch promises something unique, so grab a ticket to experience the cross-culinary combination.

Kudos to Jerry Mai, Noah Crowcroft and the team from Rice Paper Scissors, as well as Hilary McNevin from Turnip Media who expertly hosted today’s event. Thank you for the #invite.