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Launch of G McBean Family Butcher in Prahran Market

We enjoyed an epic  opening night of G McBean Family Butcher in Prahran Market, a one stop for all your quality butcher needs, and much more. A who's-who of the foodie world joined in the celebration.
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The scale and quality of this butcher shop is extraordinary ( a 300 square meter shop) with the generations of the family actively involved. It truly is a family and generational involvement and legacy. Gary himself is a much-loved affable icon of the industry.
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Known for their huge range of free range, grass-fed, dry-aged and organic meats, G McBean Family Butcher has raised the bar on what you can expect from a butcher, and they have plans for more. 
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The food and wine at the opening celebration was exceptional (think lamb cutlets, ham and cheese rolls and wagyu canapés) and there was top notch hosting from @aliceinframes.