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Dinner at Dessous Melbourne

Dessous hits the high notes in every way as a standout wine bar located in a basement in Flinders Lane, with a moody vibe and a touch of class (artwork, crystal and silver and old-world tableware). Elevated snacks and cocktails make you want to stay for dinner, which we did.
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Wine-friendly food at Dessous excites featuring bold flavours and innovation, if not a dose of decadence, with small and larger dishes equally impressive. We were invited along on a week night and noticed a well patronized wine bar appreciating the mood and sophistication.
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Chefs are taking the extra steps for depth of flavour, with head chef Dan Sawansak bringing a South East Asian influence. Cocktails (including a quirky twist on old faithfuls) and wine selections also impressed. 
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We ordered - 
✨Pegu Cocktail 
✨Rhubarbra Streisand Cocktail 
✨Red Curry Corn fritter (bold flavours so rewarding)
✨Pork Katsu Sando with Bulldog Sauce (one of the best in town with killer sauce - juicy and crispy) 
✨Spanner Crab Doughnut with Salmon Caviar (true decadence, ate with fingers) 
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✨Char-grilled squid with sambal, salted egg aioli, and potato bread (surprising punch and kick, welcome addition of potato bread, great dish, not the predictable squid dish you often get around town and salted egg aioli is insane) 
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✨Confit Duck Leg with morcilla, mustard figs and watercress (such depth of flavour, cured in salt and sugar for a day to give exceptional flavor and tenderness)
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✨Goolwa Pippies in black pepper sauce with broad beans and potato bread (broth is insane and there’s nothing better than that potato bread to mop it up, advent of broad beans for great taste and texture)
✨Pandan Cake with coconut sorbet and sorrel (delicious cake, sorbet compliments well) 
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✨2021 Place of Changing Wines No 2 Syrah
✨2022 Latta “Glen Hope” Malbec
✨2022 Thick as Thieves Pinot Noir
✨2021 Pressing Matters R139 Riesling (with dessert)
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An oasis and brilliant wine bar bunker beneath the hustle and bustle in Flinders Lane. Another triumph from The Mulberry Group.