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Miss Marmalade A Charming Cafe in Brunswick


A feature of Melbourne is its gem cafes in the burbs. Miss Marmalade is such a delightful cafe that appeals on so many levels. It brings the joy of a cafe that prides itself on great service, excellent cuisine and awesome coffee. It also prides itself on connection with the community and a quirky charming fit out that is a nod to all things local.


Wanting to enjoy a lengthy breakfast at Miss Marmalade I was stunted by crazy traffic on the Eastern. I might have travelled to Canberra in the same time. The serenity and bloom of flowers at Miss Marmalade quickly made me forget the hectic nature of Melbourne traffic.

The breakfast menu at Miss Marmalade is extensive. Options include the Farmers Market Breakfast (brilliant concept) with home made corn bread, as well as the Gingerbread hotcakes option (another brilliant concept), and the Bacon eggs benny. The popular Big Breakfast comes with 2 free range eggs, bacon, house made beans, avocado crush, braised mushrooms, herbed chipolata, and tomato relish on organic toast. I love the humour in Pimp My Eggs - being the extras.

Miss Marmalade can even do you a sensational breakfast toastie on the run (with quality bread and loads of bacon). Flexible and customer focussed.

Lunch options are interesting and for the budget conscious, including Quesadillas (above), Jamaican jerk chicken and Jack's cheese steak panini (below).

The coffee here is also superb. Five Senses coffee (especially the stock blend) has proved popular with the locals. I can tell Five Senses coffee a mile off and have been pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed it interstate also. Skillful baristas at Miss Marmalade also make a difference.

The staff at Miss Marmalade are some of the friendliest in Melbourne. Each one of them chatty and treating you like one of the family. I witnessed locals streaming in early morning and engaging the staff. A feel good start to the day.

Celebrating the charm of yesteryear is the large train signage with all the local stops printed in black and white. Also engaging is the outdoor area with plants, and the exposed brick and dark timbers. One of Melbourne's standout charming cafes.