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Industry Beans Cafe in Fitzroy


Industry Beans has been making a big impression since it opened recently as a quintessential Melbourne cafe with nondescript entrance (off Rose St Fitzroy), chic fit out and top grade coffee and cuisine. Set back from the street you enter a semi industrial world of creative space and transformation.  


Having visited once I returned 3 times in a week to sample more of the menu and the coffee. Couldn't get enough. I found Industry Beans a great cafe to relax, imbibe, and check my emails and tweets. Brothers Trevor and Steve Simmons have done wonders with this space. High ceilings and interesting panelling combine with funky lighting, with attractive tiling along the counter. It has the feel of a large studio.

Industry beans is a serious coffee (and tea) destination. One can get fooled into thinking the food might be secondary - it's not. The breakfast menu is creative and not same old same old... Options include Deep fried eggs (poached eggs in panko, served with charred asparagus, raisins, capsicum curls and parsnip and Jerusalem artichoke puree) and Avocado smash (with chevre, opal basil, micro mint, green tea salt and charred lemon). The Beetroot Rosti with smoked eel is also popular and not something you see everyday on a breakfast menu. The philosophy is to use the best ingredients and to make dishes and components in-house.

Industry Beans pours a mean coffee. Single origins from Panama, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nicaragua. Filters and pourovers. Check out the Roaster on site. The dude who took my breakfast order then proceeded to the Roaster to give the beans a bit of a stir. I ordered a strong latte and enjoyed the nutty and honey hues. "That's great, " said the barista. "That's what we're trying to achieve, that slight sweetness."

Checking out the creative menu at Industry Beans it took me several minutes to decide - there were 4 or 5 dishes I wanted to order. The Steel Cut Oats breakfast option was revolutionary for me as I'd never choose oats (I'm a hot gourmet breakfast kind of guy) - but went with the staff recommendation. In fact the dude that recommended it to me told me he eats this everyday - and he looked super healthy. The oats are soaked with white chia, sunflower, poppy seed, pepita, linseed, served with semi dried seasonal fruit, cinnamon and vanilla bean yoghurt. So much goodness. I'll admit I enjoyed it and felt great for the rest of the day. 

My favourite dish at Industry Beans is the Cold Drip Cured Salmon and Cornbread with House cured salmon on their own char grilled cornbread with cornichon vinaigrette, cultured grapefruit, white onions and mixed edible flowers. Yes they use their quality coffee in the cooking for the cold drip cured salmon. Tasty fresh salmon with crisp cornbread (but not too dry inside). The edible flowers make for a spectacular presentation but I felt they were also a perfect accompaniment. The portion is generous to boot. All in all one of my top breakfast dishes on 2013.

Industry Beans has a state of the art Roaster in action during one of my visits. You can see bags of coffee from all over the world on display. Industry Beans develop their coffee in micro-batches before they serve them to the customer. I overheard a barista asking a staff member to "check out this" as he was preparing a batch - I love this coffee perfection mindset. Upstairs is a coffee cupping area. Order the beans online from their

The long tiled counter is interspersed with an attractive display cabinet with treats. The muffins are superb and I ate mine straight from the oven...

Industry Beans also boasts a chic courtyard with suburban views, plants and red brick wall.

Industry Beans is also a superb place for lunch. Grab a Brioche Bunny burger for lunch or Slow cooked pork belly. Or try the popular Confit duck sandwich and other tasty sandwiches. Takeaway options are available.

Industry Beans draws people and is already a hub in a highly concentrated precinct of cafes and restaurants. Highly recommended.