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Launch of Starward Whisky Pinot Noir Cask Collab with Yering Station

In collaboration with Yarra Valley’s first vineyard, Yering Station, the new release Starward Pinot Noir Cask is a complex and fruit-forward single malt whisky that’s elegant and bursting with the flavours of Victoria.

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We were one of the first to experience this Starward Whisky new spirit in collaboration with Yering Station and celebrate its distinctly Victorian ingredients.

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We were given a stunning guided tasting and intimate three-course dining experience at iconic Victoria by Farmer’s Daughters. What a night! 

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Pinot barrels from Yering Station used for the new release whisky are spectacular, including barrels displaying a cherry character and savoury complexity structured wine (2021 Yering Station Pinot Noir). 

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It’s amazing that the Block 21 south facing vineyard single batch by Yering Station Pinot translates directly to the barrel - just extraordinary to get this specific for the Starward whisky collaboration. 

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Also, an incredible "perfumed pomegranate barrel" from Yering Station Reserve Pinot Noir was sourced for this collab project, from the best of Yering Station winemaking years. Yarra Valley loves French Oak that is hand coopered, and it shows with this barrel.

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We also enjoyed cocktails at this event including the Old Fashioned Cocktail, alongside a Spritz Whisky Cocktail, showing the versatility of Starward Whisky. 

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During the tasting we sampled Starward Nova, Starward Pinot Noir Cask (the Collab with Pinot fruit and quality French Oak, so elegant), and Starward 100 Proof (American oak, full body), all exceptional whiskies.

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The new release Starward Pinot Noir Cask collaboration at 50% alcohol is “boozy” but not “hot”, and is perfectly balanced and elegant. 

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This was an incredible event and great to meet David Vitale the Founder and Sam Slaney the first employee of Starward who is now Head of Production, as well as Yering Station Chief Winemaker Brendan Hawker. Sam and Brendan gave us more detail around this epic collaboration and how it all came together. The synergy is remarkable.

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The hospitality of Victoria by Farmers Daughters was magnificent including a compelling menu featuring Victorian produce.

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The innovation of Starward is off the charts and they are reaching a new generation of drinkers. Thanks to Jo from Starward for the invite.