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New David's Hot Pot in Carnegie

Being hot pot lovers we enjoyed (David and Sam) our retro dinner journey at the new David's Hot Pot in Carnegie. We experienced top notch hot pot and a fun vibrant vibe with 80s theme and creative dancers.

Walk into a bright and colourful restaurant that is well organised with neon signs highlighting various stations.

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We enjoyed Set Menu no 2 which had great quality and variety (including premium marbled beef slices, sliced beef, sliced lamb, signature lobster balls, enoki mushroom, vegetable combo, hand-made ramen, as well as snacks and drinks), and we were full after our hot pot experience. David's is known for traditional Sichuan ingredients and premium Australian local beef tallow. 

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Broth is a key to excellent hot pot and we loved the Classic Spicy Broth with Beef Tallow (awesome Sichuan flavours) and Seafood Soup Base.

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An excellent sauce and snacks station enhances the experience.

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To be honest I needed a bib, which they supplied. Busted out my Pac Man T-shirt for the occasion.

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Staff were helpful and friendly throughout. David's Hot Pot is now in Doncaster East, Melbourne CBD, Point Cook and now Carnegie. They are also in Brisbane. After more than 30 years of hot pot experience in China, they became a favourite in Melbourne when they launched in 2017 with their authentic Sichuan hot pot.