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Dinner at Wagyu Ya Teppanyaki at The Glen

Wagyu Ya Teppanyaki is an affordable yet elevated Japanese teppanyaki experience in the heart of foodie hub Glen Waverley, featuring high end quality produce and highly skilled chefs. It is located at The Glen just outside the shopping centre in the terrace dining precinct (easy parking). We were one of the first to be invited along for this stunning Teppanyaki experience in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

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This standout offering comes from a team with Roy Yu at the helm, that has brought Melbourne high end dining joy with several popular restaurants including Wagyu Ya, Yakikami and Niku Ou. 

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Japanese ingredients were paired with French-style sauce for a memorable dinner experience.

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Wagyu Ya Teppanyaki specialises in the finest full-blood Japanese and Australian Wagyu beef cuts.

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A pinnacle of the experience is the exclusive offering of melt in your mouth KOBE Beef (the king of beef), as the sole provider of this famous gem in Victoria. We have experienced KOBE beef in the past at sister restaurant Yakikami and can say the marbling and taste is extraordinary. Once again this was a major highlight of our meal.

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Menu highlights included-
✨Cherry Blossom cocktail 
✨Hibiki Old Fashioned cocktail 
✨Ippin Junmai Sake 
✨Pinot Noir Mornington
✨Mariage Freres French tea
✨Corn soup 
✨Sakana Nanbanzuke Daily Fish Catch (first dishes were a great start)
✨Green Salad  
✨Sashimi Selection (high class and exceptional presentation)
✨Hokkaido Scallops (plump and exquisite sauce)
✨Ora King Salmon with teriyaki sauce and potato (a great teriyaki experience with premium produce)
✨A5 Kobe Japanese Wagyu Steak with Garlic, King Oyster Mushroom and Zucchini (melt in your mouth)
✨Moyashi Bean sprout  
✨Japanese style fried rice 
✨Whole Fresh Lobster (spectacular)
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The Whole Lobster experience is extraordinary as the chefs prepare the dish in front of you. The French-style sauce was outstanding with the Lobster which was perfectly cooked, with stunning presentation.
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Check out the sushi bar and private dining room. Our Sashimi selection was heavenly, so fresh and visually striking. 
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You can choose between the various set menus at different price points (all exceptional offerings) or choose a la carte.

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The atmosphere at Wagyu Ya Teppanyaki is a highlight, with a front row seat to the action across the open teppanyaki grill, in front of mesmerising chefs. The sense of theatre and appreciation of the fine skills of the chefs is something to behold.

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Kudos to Head Teppanyaki Chef Jason Yong and Saucier Hori Shinshuke, as well as Sushi Chef Wataru Sato. Service was impeccable from wait staff and engaging chefs.

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Altogether this is a unique high quality sensory experience, worth a drive across town for. One of my favorite Melbourne dining destinations of the year.