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Dinner at Hazel in Flinders Lane

Hazel restaurant is a modern restaurant in Flinders Lane with stylish decor, exceptional service, and a high level dining and cocktail offering. 

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We (David and Sam) ordered the Chef’s Shared Menu -

✨Aged Cheddar & Brioche (creamy Manchego triumph on sweet brioche)

✨Oyster & Nasturtium (fresh and not overdressed)  

✨Warialda Beef Tartare, egg yolk gel and game chips (must order, dip high quality beef in the egg then on to the crisp game chips)  

✨Crab Hash w Aioli (another must order taste and texture triumph)  

✨House made Charcuterie (rewarding selection that we paired with the bread)

✨Hazel Bread (famous bread to enjoy with house butter or even with charcuterie on top)  

✨Sweet bite Tomatoes, cods roe & salmon pearls (excellent seasonal dish and flavour combination, mopped up the sauce with a spoon) 

✨Wood roasted Pork Belly, charred leek & wild garlic (elevated pork belly dish beyond what you normally encounter with exceptional leek and garlic accompaniment) 

✨Farm lettuce, shallot cream & radish (love their fresh farm produce) 

✨Kipfler potatoes, oregano & crème fraiche (generous serving)  

✨Yoghurt Mousse, white chocolate and mango 

In all honesty we felt every dish was a highlight. Maybe the dessert could have been stronger but after a big meal a light summer dessert was what we were craving. 

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Cocktail and wine offering is compelling. We enjoyed-

✨Whisky Highball🍹

✨Hazel Aperol Spritz 🍹

✨Bottle of Kris Pinot Grigio Veneto Italy (actually paired well with the pork)

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Then of course the restaurant shines with its @common_ground_project. Kudos to @nathantoleman and team. A great evening out.