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The Rocket Society Launches in Brunswick East

New The Rocket Society all day bar in East Brunswick Village is a revelation, featuring high-level drinks and a superb cocktail list executed brilliantly, as well as compelling delicious bar snacks and dishes, with a Middle Eastern influence.

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The bar is named after The Lebanese Rocket Society 2012 Franco-Lebanese documentary film, a tale of Lebanese space adventure.

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This bar is one to watch as it’s already made a huge impression in a short time, and it has a different personality to Rumi Brunswick next door.

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The mood and the clientele changes through the day to night, enjoying the large windows and outdoor as well as indoor tables. 

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Kudos to Joseph Abboud and his team, with Grace McArthur behind the bar bringing it together with her flair and innovation.

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We experienced (David and Daniel) amazing cocktails, wine and meze-

✨Margarocket w mezcal (one of the best Margaritas of your life) 

✨Death in Oaxaca w mezcal (also top notch with a cherry bleeding through the cocktail increasingly as you drink)

✨Paper plane (bourbon hit with Aperol, lemon and amaro)

✨Mezcal Manhattan (a cocktail that demands attention)

✨Infante w rosewater and tequila and a hint of mezcal (the hint of mezcal was just for us with Grace flexible and attentive to what drinkers want)

✨Mersel Lebnani Abyad White Blend NV. From the Quannboubine Valley in Lebanon. Blended native Merwah and Sauvignon Blanc.

✨Hochkirch Riesling from Western Victoria

✨Mussels Al sikbaaj, saffron, honey, vin (classic tasty Middle Eastern medieval dish)

✨Caspian Olives (served in a jar)

✨Hummus with red butter chickpeas (showstopper)

✨Fresh Bread and Toum (a highlight in itself but a base to enjoy other snacks)

✨ Freshly shucked oysters with pickled verjuice grapes  

✨ Shanklish, fresh herbs, Nuggety Creek olive oil, sumac (feta-like cheese)

✨HSP croquettes (must order and a talking point, clever and delicious)

✨ BBQ’d Lamb & sweetbread skewers, carob molasses (must order, these skewers are melt in your mouth)

✨Smashed cucumber, mint, yoghurt (refreshing)

✨Candied apricots with honey and tarragon ice cream (perfect ending)

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The Rocket Society is one of the most exciting new bars in Melbourne. Just order enough of the bread so you can mop everything up.