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Italian Bottomless Lunch at Stella

Italian Bottomless Lunch at Stella Restaurant and Bar was so much fun and an authentic Italian summer soirée featuring standout Italian food and beverages, as well as sensational live entertainment and vibe. When it comes to bottomless offerings in Melbourne, Stella has a touch of class.

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So much fun on a Sunday afternoon. stellabottomless 07123
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We were invited to experience diverse and delicious Italian cuisine featuring - 
✨Potato crisps and Macadamia cream
✨Mount Zero Olives 
✨Mushroom Arancini 
✨Grilled Scallop Mornay 
✨Southern Rock Lobster Roll (showstopper)
✨Beef Carpaccio, potato, chives 
✨Margherita Pizza 
✨Parmesan Herb Gnocchi 
✨Free-flowing premium @piper_heidsieck champagne, beer, wine and Aperol Spritz 
✨plus soulful tunes from @kane_worthyy 
✨Then Aperol Spritz and Lemon Meringue Tart on the Rooftop with @kane_worthyy bringing the party (yes we danced).
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Live entertainment was off the charts with Kane Worthy. Wait staff are extremely attentive and service levels high.
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The party then moved to the Rooftop for dessert and fun times (yes there was dancing).
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