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Goodwater Bar Launches in Northcote

We attended the launch of exciting new Melbourne bar Goodwater in Northcote. Goodwater is the passion project of American whiskey obsessive Nathaniel White (formerly of Angel’s Envy Bourbon, Romeo Lane and Bar Margeaux), who set out to create a modern yet fun and accessible venue for his collection of over 200 bottles of rare and vintage American whiskey.
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But far from a themed venue or imitation of an American bar, Goodwater is a venue inspired by modern US bar culture through a Melbourne lens, with great drinks, regional American snacks and personal service.
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To help Nate realise his dream, he’s put together a team of hospitality veterans including Cara Devine (Behind the Bar with Cara Devine, Bomba Rooftop), Yao Wong (The Elysian, Whisky & Alement), Fred Siggins (The Black Pearl, Sullivans Cove Distillery), Kia Rasteh (Honey Barrel), April Hudson (The Keys) and John Hallet (The Everleigh).
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At the launch we experienced rare Michter's 20 Bourbon, as well as the highly acclaimed Michter's 10 Bourbon. The team at Goodwater are taking great American whiskey and making it accessible.
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With a cosy front bar full of natural light on long summer evenings and a big, greenery-filled courtyard, Goodwater is the kind of place where locals feel at home. “Northcote is a community and we wanted to be a part of that,” says co-owner Fred Siggins. “So while we set out to have Australia's best American whiskey selection, we also wanted to make sure it was accessible to everyone, and to have quality, variety and fun beyond the whiskey list.”
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Cocktails are presented through a unique list in which original creations can be ordered one of three ways; as a stiff stirred drink, as a refreshing version (shaken or highball style), or as a non-alcoholic drink. The idea is for people not to get hung up on a particular style of cocktail, but just to pick the flavours that interest them. Expect bright, modern flavours like the “400 Rabbits” with tarragon-infused Calle 23 tequila, fresh peach juice and grapefruit.
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The drinks list also features twists on classic American whiskey cocktails, so all the favourites like whiskey sours, Manhattans and old fashioneds are there, but each has a little Goodwater signature thrown in for fun. And for those who like their whiskey mixed, the "Champagne Old Fashioned" is Goodwater’s house bourbon & coke with Four Roses, orange bitters and a dash of absinthe.
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Regional American flavours are the inspiration for the snacks at Goodwater, including General Tso's chicken ribs, a high-class grilled cheese sandwich with sourdough and PX onion jam, and American bar classics like NOLA style shrimp Po'boys and cornmeal-breaded pickle chips with buttermilk ranch.
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Goodwater is open Wednesday and Thursday 5pm-1am, Friday and Saturday 5pm-2am, and Sunday 5pm-11pm. We will also be hosting regular industry and consumer whiskey tasting events, kitchen takeovers and collaborations.