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Taxi Kitchen MFWF A Great Australian Fish Tale

We were privileged to attend Taxi Kitchen's epic event, 'A Great Australian Fish Tale', in partnership with the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. 

In a harmonious fusion of culinary mastery and aquatic artistry, Taxi Kitchen’s “A Great Australian Fish Tale” transported diners on a maritime odyssey through the bountiful waters of Australia’s wild-caught seafood treasures. 

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Partnering with the illustrious Melbourne Food and Wine Festival @melbournefoodwine, this epicurean extravaganza, curated by the visionary Executive Chef Tony Twitchett @chef_twitch and seafood virtuoso John Susman, was nothing short of a gastronomic sensation. 
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From the moment guests stepped foot into the ethereal ambiance of @taxikitchenmelbourne , they were treated to a special event, with the restaurant turning on an incredibly generous MFWF offering. 
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With glasses brimming with effervescent champagne or bespoke cocktails, the nearly five-hour sojourn unfolded amidst panoramic vistas of Melbourne’s iconic skyline.
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Each course was a symphony of flavors, a testament to the unparalleled quality of Australia’s wild-caught seafood. From the delicate Goulburn River trout rillettes crowned with decadent caviar to the robust Claypot rice teeming with Discovery Bay pippies, prawns, and lobster, every dish was a revelation. 
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Service is always impeccable at Taxi Kitchen and wines were top notch including from @jerichowines @fightinggullyroad @sentio.wines.beechworth @piper_hiedsieck.
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But it wasn’t just about the food, cocktails and wine; it was an immersive education in the ocean’s bounty, a celebration of sustainability and reverence for the sea.  
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As the sun-drenched Melbourne day gently faded into lazy late afternoon, dessert beckoned—a celestial finale of Vanilla pannacotta adorned with passionfruit curd and tropical fruits, a sweet crescendo to an unforgettable culinary odyssey.
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Bravo to Tony, Sam, and the entire Taxi Kitchen team for orchestrating a culinary spectacle that will linger in the hearts and palates of all who were fortunate enough to partake.