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Starward HER Honeycomb Cocktail Kit

 Step into a world of sheer indulgence with the Starward Honeycomb Whip, showcasing the exquisite Starward HER Honeycomb Whisky
StarwardHoneycomb 07827
Crafted with precision, this cocktail tantalizes the palate with a seamless fusion of smooth whisky infused with the decadent essence of honeycomb, complemented by the welcome richness of exclusive @huntedandgathered chocolate products. 
StarwardHoneycomb 07855
It’s a match made in epicurean heaven, inviting you to sip and savor, and is truly a feast for the senses. Outrageously delicious.
StarwardHoneycomb 07833
Another example of @starwardwhisky innovation at its best. 
StarwardHoneycomb 07835
Embark on your own journey of decadence with the limited edition @starwardwhisky HER Honeycomb Cocktail Kit. Each kit features:
- x1 700ml bottle of Starward HER Honeycomb Whisky, 40%
- x1 meticulously crafted Starward Bar Spoon
- x1 indulgent packet of Hunted+Gathered Salted Drinking Chocolate
- x1 irresistible offering of Hunted+Gathered Dark Chocolate Caramelised Hazelnut Pieces, 60% Cacao
StarwardHoneycomb 07849
The Starward Honeycomb Whip cocktail is not only a delight to the taste buds but also a joy to concoct (my skills on display in these pics). And let’s not forget the exceptional quality of Starward HER Honeycomb Whisky, a whisky that shines whether enjoyed in a cocktail or sipped neat. 
StarwardHoneycomb 07837
The subtle sweetness of Peninsula Honey’s locally sourced floral blend honey, harvested from 4,500 hives, adds a refined touch to this exceptional experience.