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Montague X MIFGS

Montague X Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show was a huge success and we were invited along to experience it for ourselves.
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We enjoyed high class Montague apples and savored delicious innovative cocktails from Alice Zaslavsky @aliceinframes.
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Fruit driven cocktails featuring @montagueofficial fruit were top notch in terms of taste and visual appeal and had a personality of their own. The collab with Bass and Fgin released for Melbourne Flower and Garden Show was sensational.
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The Montague site itself was stunning with an edible garden and apple and stone fruit tasting (which we enjoyed ourselves).
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What is your favorite Montague apple? Mine is KISSABEL®.
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36,000 kilograms of rare Australian KISSABEL® apples are forecast to be packed by Montague this week!
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The expected crop of the delicious KISSABEL® apple will be available at a commercial level in later years however, in the meantime you can trial this apple through: 
Selected restaurants,
Speciality bakeries and outlets,
A limited number of retail stores, to test the market including: The Orchard at Montague in Narre Warren North, Victoria.
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A fun, educational and delicious time!