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A Sensory Experience at Starward Whisky & Bar

A Sensory Experience at Starward Distillery & Bar was extraordinary, highlighting the new look home of Starward Whisky in Port Melbourne (kudos to visionary minds and the stunning work of Studio Y), where innovation meets ambiance in a symphony of taste and design. 

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Starward’s new look boasts an allure that harmonizes seamlessly with its renowned award winning whisky offerings. From the inviting nooks to the chic color palette and tantalizing textures (notably the chain curtains), every corner exudes an air of style and warmth, with an approachability.

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But the experience doesn’t end with the aesthetics. “Fill your Bottle” emerges as an exciting new adventure (choosing between the white and red wine barrel offerings), while the eloquent and passionate insights from founder David Vitale were a highlight as we indulged in a tasting and superb cheeseboard in the new bar and kitchen space.
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Then it was time for a curated tour of the distillery with Starward whisky legends including taking in the whisky making process and a special barrel tasting, yet another highlight. 
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Our sensational day at the new look home of Starward culminated in an epic lunch orchestrated by new talented Chef Drew Traynor. Each dish, thoughtfully infused with whisky, danced in perfect harmony with Starward’s signature cocktails, a memorable long table lunch of culinary excellence.
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We left with an epic personalized bottle of whisky from our “Fill Your Bottle” choice (in my case from the White wine barrel). 
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Starward Whisky are “outdoing themselves” once again. As Australia’s most decorated whisky distillery continues to redefine the boundaries of innovation, taste and style, it’s clear that Starward is indeed on fire, igniting the passions of whisky enthusiasts locally and worldwide.