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Charcoal Chicken Glory at Henrietta Windsor

Feasting at Henrietta on Chapel St is a culinary journey infused with Lebanese flair and a touch of sophistication. Having established a stellar reputation in Sydney, Henrietta has set her sights on Melbourne, focusing on delivering not just exceptional food but also an ambiance that excites. 

Cocktails Credit Jiwon Kim 2
Stepping into Henrietta’s realm, one is immediately struck by the glamorous interior design crafted by none other than Russell and George architects. Every detail, from the flickering flames of the large charcoal pit to the chic decor, beckons diners into an atmosphere that envelops the senses. Image credit: Jana Langhorst
Credit Jana LanghorstHenrietta M JL3616
While Henrietta’s prowess with flame-grilled chicken is undeniable, the menu extends far beyond poultry. Each dish is a symphony of flavors, showcasing the richness of Lebanese cuisine while offering remarkable value for money. From the tantalizing signature Hummus with green shatta and cashews to the indulgent Prawn fatteh roll adorned with pine nuts and black tahini, every bite is a revelation.
Not to be missed is the Carob glazed lamb shoulder with mujadara and smoked labneh, a dish that melts in the mouth and reveals depth of flavour. Not mention the fresh and zesty Fattoush Salad with pomegranates. 
Credit Jana LanghorstHenrietta M JL4381
True showstopper and star of the show is the juicy and tender Roast chicken, complemented by creamy toum, pickles, and flatbread. Add the golden crispy Sumac chips for those who love the concept of glam “chicken and chips”.
Credit Jana LanghorstHenrietta M JL4265
White chocolate mouhalabieh, pistachio, date, honey was a perfect vibrant ending to our meal 
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As for wine, the Yugen Tropical Sunrise proved to be the perfect accompaniment, enhancing the flavors of each dish with its delightful notes and orange wine complexity.
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The bustling atmosphere of Henrietta’s on a Tuesday night speaks volumes, attracting a vibrant crowd of young trendsetters eager to share in the love for charcoal chicken elevated to new heights. It’s more than just a meal; it’s a celebration of flavor, style, and community, encapsulated in every dish served at Henrietta Chicken.