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Dhamaka Food Truck Indian Street Food in Clayton

Dhamaka Food Truck, located along Princes Highway in Clayton, offers a lip-smacking and intriguing fusion of Indian street-style and Chinese cuisine, courtesy of the talented Yash. We were invited along to experience this delicious and unique culinary offering.
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dhamaka 00391Dhamaka in English translates to “blast” and this food truck is undoubtedly a “blast” and a statement. Everything here is made and cooked fresh! 
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Viewed through one lens, the vegetarian offerings here stand out as some of the best I’ve experienced, providing a delightful array of flavors and textures. Yet, from another perspective, Dhamaka showcases the essence of Indian street food, enhanced by the unique flair of Indo-Chinese creations.
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Melbourne’s culinary landscape never fails to surprise, unveiling hidden gems that boast excellence while flying under the radar. Our journey to Clayton for this culinary escapade proved to be a rewarding decision. What a find! 
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We (David and Daniel) savored each dish, opting for a medium spice level to strike the perfect balance of flavors. From the Achari Paneer Frankie, with its succulent paneer and tangy accents to the standout Dhamaka Special Chinese Platter with Manchurian, Noodles, Fried Rice, Paneer and gravy (served on a large cabbage leaf), every dish offered a delightful medley of flavors and textures.
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The refreshing Mango Lassi was a highlight, as was the two layer Triple Dhamaka Grill Sandwich, a satisfying amalgamation of grilled goodness. Another standout was the comforting simplicity of the Chole Kulche, a chickpea dish that resonated with warmth and flavor. 
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Our experience at Dhamaka was a joyous and memorable one, showcasing the diverse culinary landscape Melbourne has to offer.