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Woo399 Korean BBQ Handpicked to Plate

A new era of Korean BBQ is here. Woo399 Korean BBQ is a superior grilling experience that has opened at 4/399 Lonsdale St in the Melbourne CBD, and we were invited along. Equipped with premium Shinpo BBQ Grills, Woo399 is offering a fresh perspective to Korean BBQ. 

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In an all new visually stimulating grilling experience, Woo399 punters have the opportunity to take part in an “eat-what-you-see” event. Primed with a premium meat selection, the Woo399 dining experience is different to other Korean BBQ venues from the beginning.

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The food journey starts when you first step inside. Customers can grab a basket and get exploring the expansive chilled shelves that hold a range of different meat cuts. Take your pick from beef cuts like the Chuck Eye Roll, Short Rib, Flat Meat and the Oyster Blade, known for its fine marbling and its tenderness and rich flavour with a marble score of 9+. 

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We were impressed with all the meats that we selected, but the signature MB9+ Wagyu Karubi was off the charts delicious and melt in your mouth. The Fried Chicken was another highlight, perfectly paired with Japanese beer.

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If you’re looking for something to break up the meat feast, you can add Sunny Lettuce, Korean Potato Salad, Cup Mushrooms and a Sun Dried Tomato Salad to your order. They have a deal of $9.99 per person for sauces with 3 sides and unlimited soft drinks.

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The visually captivating approach to ordering empowers you to personally select your own ingredients for your meal, fostering a more interactive and intimate dining affair.

 We also enjoyed the modern decor and neon signage, and staff were helpful throughout the evening.

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Woo399 offers a holistic dining experience where shoppers have the opportunity to really learn about the origins of their food, different cuts and what constitutes high-quality meat.  

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Woo399 presents a meticulously curated assortment of top-tier meats at an affordable price. You can decide how "big" you want to go. But you can satisfy your hunger without breaking the bank.