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Bibi Ji Indian in Lygon St

Bibi Ji  is an exciting new sensory Indian restaurant bringing max vibrancy and authentic Indian cuisine to Lygon St. Carlton.

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Indian flavours are inspired from chef and restaurateur Jesse Singh’s mother and grandmother. Kudos also to Chef and co-owner Amar Singh (no relation) who hails from Punjab and also owns Horn Please and Kyneton’s Dhaba at the Mill.

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The pink neon dazzles and the decor is captivating as an ode to all things Indian in colour and in texture. Think exotic plants, cricket memorabilia, interesting cloths and textiles, fabulous booths and an ode to Bollywood. 

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But don’t be mistaken, behind the dazzle and fun of the playful fit out is not “fusion” but dishes that honour the classics of India.

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The Banana Leaf Thali signature is recommended for its taste as much as its theatre, unveiled on a banana leaf. It includes super tasty chutney selections and papadums, 3 entrees/street food, Hoppers and rice, and 4 top notch curries and accompaniments, as well as dessert. Great value. 

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Chicken 179 hit the spot with excellent chilli chicken. Cauliflower 179 was a top notch vegetarian version.

Dahipuri was a refreshing and rewarding dish of light and crispy shells filled with yoghurt, tangy tamarind and a medley of spices.

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Amritsari Fish Fry was another tasty dish featuring batter coated in Amritsari spice. Rava Fried Prawns featured delectable deep fried prawns cooked in spices. 

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A highlight was the rich and aromatic Goat curry, as well as a first class creamy Butter Chicken with smoky nuances, and a Chicken Tikka Masala which showcases chicken pieces cooked in the tandoor. All rich and rewarding and perfect with the generous sized Naan and rice.

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Toffee Tipple and Spicy Margarita cocktails impressed, as well as Kingfisher beer on tap. 

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We received excellent service throughout. 

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Bibi Ji already has a successful location in California and while the Lygon St is an attractive fun vibrant restaurant to visit, it is more “substance than show”.