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Melbourne's Best Pork Rolls


This is a search for Melbourne's Best Pork Roll. In days gone by it was the pie or pasty for lunch but now a pork roll rocks the lunch time light meal. We enjoy a banh mi but also Pickett's Deli rotisserie pork roll is sensational.

The pork roll has revolutionised the Aussie lunch and the long queues in bakeries like Nhu Lan in Footscray each day are testimony to the trend. So tasty and a touch exotic for around $5.

Here are The World Loves Melbourne's best pork rolls in Melbourne (not in order):

Pickett's Deli, Queen Victoria Market (Scott Pickett serves up amazing Rotisserie rolls including Crispy Pork!

Pho Nom, Emporium Melbourne  (Jerry Mai working wonders)

Pho24, Spencer St near Southern Cross Station (outlets from Vietnam, meat is sous vide)

Nhu Lan, Footscray and Richmond (crazy lines out the door at lunchtimes)

Roll'd, City and other locations (taking over the world at warp speed)

Vintam's, Docklands (popular with office workers)

N Lee Bakery, City and other locations

Wendy's Bakery, Mitcham (puts in extra crackling)

Coda, City (Char Siu)

Bun Bun Bakery, Springvale

Sunny's Bakery, Collingwood

N Tran, Prahran 


The banh mi is a Vietnamese sandwich with French influence and has graced our city for several decades, but in recent times has become hugely popular. Footscray, Richmond and Springvale have been precincts known for great banh mi but there is currently a noticeable expansion of outlets in the CBD and other suburbs of Melbourne.

Some of the key requirements:
Bread: needs to have some crunch, soft inside and be super fresh
Meat: quality BBQ pork, pork loaf and terrine including quality of pate
Salad: pickled and fresh ingredients including carrot, cucumber and onion
Sauce and flavouring: for extra kick
Value: most are around the $4 to $5 mark

PorkRoll 1

Check out the pork roll above from Pickett's Deli. Image Pickett's Deli Insta.

What's your favourite?