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HERO bringing Brooklyn to Melbourne


HERO is a great new concept satisfying the demand for interesting US style affordable convenient food in Melbourne as part of RMIT Building 80 (entry of Stewart St).

With US beats and cool staff working the kitchen Hero comes with an edge, serving killer subs. As they say, it's a revolution of the sandwich kind!

Taking its inspiration from gourmet ‘Hero-style’ sandwiches made famous in and around Brooklyn-Queens, New York. HERO takes the art of the simple sandwich baguette and applies the Melbourne shuffle to its big sandwich flavours.

Admittedly I get bored with the flavours of some other convenience outlets - flavours that never seem to change, only with rare variations. But HERO comes with a range of exciting baguettes that fill and satisfy, and are compelling. I predict Hero to be a hit across Melbourne - the brainchild of Michael and Elena - two of the most influential foodies in Melbourne and behind The Reading Room, The Grain Store and marketing of other establishments.


HERO hits the mark with its breakfast menu with simple "pockets" like this Egg and bacon pocket above. At below $5 this was actually enough for breakfast. Hero uses the best of breads and bagels from 5 & Dime.

On the coffee side HERO hits the heights in using St Ali coffee. The coffee includes some real Americano black coffee if you so fancy.


Michael is an inspiration with projects that have captivated Melburnians. His thought process is to give the punters what they want in terms of flavour profiles, as well as price and dining experience. Michael strikes me as such a happy dude loving the culinary scene in Melbourne. Elena comes from a Malaysian restaurant background in Melbourne and years in hospitality. These guys know what they're doing and have a creative edge.


HERO excites with its range of subs including the Throwback (meatballs), Catcher (shrimp), Paradise (roast chicken), By The Hour (pulled pork), Brklyn (pulled lamb) and my favourite Kid Royale (roast beef, dijon and onion rings).


Check out the full Kid Royale sub with roast beef (packed), dijon and onion rings on top. This was possibly the best sub I've ever eaten and is hugely popular. It's a decent feed and I had to skip a meal after being so full from this feed. I love the touch of the onion rings on top - either take them off and eat them first or I recommend just eating them as part of the sub.


HERO pleases with its packaging - well thought out for those catching the train like me to bring this beauty back to the office.


HERO is a smallish restaurant with  a couple of eating areas with stools but then next door a larger dining room. 

Good news for city workers, HERO is coming to Hardware Lane and Collins St.