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By Two Sisters Healthy Vietnamese

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By Two Sisters have launched their range of healthy Vietnamese dishes, using fresh produce and packed with authentic flavours, and I was privileged to receive four meals to sample. The Melbourne-duo are committed to making the eating of healthy, nutritious food easy for their customers, by offering purposely packaged meals that keep their freshness, taste, and shelf-life without needing preservatives.

Drawing inspiration from the Vietnamese cooking of their mother and grandmothers, the By Two Sisters menu features all of the traditional favourites - rice paper rolls, salads, spring rolls, soups and more. Bursting with taste, their Vietnamese creations are low in fat and high in protein.

I sampled the meals with my family and we enjoyed the freshness, taste and positive feeling of a healthy meal. These meals are excellent for office workers for lunch and the health conscious for any meal.

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Founder and Head Chef, Thu Fampidi, is thrilled to be able to bring the traditional dishes of her family to the public. 
“We are glad to have held on to the recipes passed down to us from our mother and grandmothers. Vietnamese food has always been known to be healthy and nutritious amongst its people and instead of keeping these delicious recipes and dishes to ourselves, we want to share it with the whole country.”

By Two Sisters offer a home delivery service to residents of the Melbourne metropolitan area and are also available to cater office functions and special events. An updated list of outlets and ordering information can be found on their website –

By Two Sisters are based in Melbourne and offer authentic pre-made Vietnamese cuisine.
Created with freshness, taste and shelf-life in mind, the By Two Sisters menu is high in protein, low in fat and entirely preservative free.