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Le Joint Eclectic Bar on Lonsdale

Le Joint is an exciting new hidden bar in the Melbourne CBD with an entrance off Lonsdale Street alongside its celebrated sister Touch Hombre. Le Joint is the brainchild of Davis Yu who owns some eclectic venues in Melbourne. Davis Yu brings an Amsterdam and Paris experience to Melbourne at Le Joint. Its not same ols same old but who would expect anything less than Davis Yu. Le Joint is a crazy brave new world.

The space is chic, dark and mysterious, with red light, quirky objects, and a well stocked bar. Above the bar resides the DJ ready to throw down some beats... Staff are passionate and engaging and hip...


Le Joint boasts an impressive Cocktail List. It's more a book than a list. I love how the philosophy is to serve classic cocktails with a twist as well as its own unique cocktails. With London sensation Richard at the helm, Le Joint is bound to please. Richard Hands spent time at some of London's heady bars including Milk and Honey.... Cocktail royalty really.

Talking with Richard he is about bringing flair and sophistication but also to let the hit of alcohol in any cocktail come through - he's not into super sweet cocktails and trying to mask the alcohol. What a godsend.

Richard made me a Milk Punch above, where the process makes the milk clear. He then spoke to me about Penicillins - a type of cocktail - prescribed for any ailment.


Le Joint also boasts impressive bar snacks including one of the best burgers in Melbourne with this David Blackmore Wagyu burger. The intense patty was distinctive and delectable and I've only experienced David Blackmore wagyu burgers at a few high end establishments in Melbourne.


Anyone for fried chicken? Le Joint has an involved process that gets the fried chicken to a point where the skin is super crispy (fried and oven dried) and the inside is ultra juicy. I was served up half a chicken that translated into 3 sumptuous portions of fried chicken. With fried chicken and American food all the rage in Melbourne, this fried chicken is right up there with the best.


Le Joint also serves this Prawn toasted sandwich, which hit the mark. All in all the bar snacks are sure to please ravenous partygoers.

Chic tables and stools are gathered for groups but the action is along the bar...


One gets the impression Le Joint is the love child of one of Davis Yu's overseas trips. Davis brings us the best of his experiences and adds another dimension to this eclectic Melbourne drnking and culinary scene.


Richard Hands prepared me an unforgettable Cinapple cocktail with a twist in cracking this egg for the white, to add to the maple syrup (rather than cinammon) and whisky. Yeah baby. 

Le Joint is a hard place to take photos in - but I guess that's the point - you have to experience it. 

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