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St Ali and Smart Australia

St ALi Coffee Roasters was the venue for Smart Australia event in promoting the features of Smart Cars and, and thanking Smart Car customers. On arrival we salivated over the Smart Cars on the street parked outside St ALi. These cars are all quality and nifty for city travel.


We were also interested to check out Milk and Co skincare on display - by Michael and Lindy Klim. Fragrant and fresh you can grab your essentials such as Face and Body Scrub, Dry Touch Sunscreen, and a Face Cleanser with Goji extract. The product range caters for men, women and babies.


The chic crowd at St ALi enjoyed Negronis mixed with coffee, cocktails and wines and canapes. There were plenty of models and celebs, mixing with business types and media/bloggers.


The event was also to promote - and the ability to purchase a Smart Car online! That's right - you can buy a car online!

Film on the wall demonstrated the features of Smart Cars. Black? Red? Silver? White?

Beats came from Grant Smillie. Drinks from Matt Perger and food from Andrew Gale for St ALi.  Textures by Michael and Lindy Klim. 


St ALi was the perfect venue for the event. 


The manager of Mercedes-Benz Australia Horst Von Sanden had a few words to say... There wasn't really any hype. With Smart Cars also parked in the room we could check them out then go online if we wanted to purchase. The process is that once purchased online you just need to go to the Dealer to pick it up.


And Salvatore from St ALi also addressed the crowd - his videos of Smart Stories in conjunction with Smart Australia are excellent.


The event was fun and made us aware of the features of Smart Cars and the website. There was a portal with the site on display - so methinks you could have even purchased a car on the night.