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LuxBite Alluring Christmas Treats


Last night I attended the LuxBite Christmas Party combined with celebrations for their 3rd birthday – and what a treat it was, particularly for my insatiable sweet tooth! 

Arriving at the store on Toorak Road, we were greeted with vibrant decorations, great music (care of the DJ spinning tracks from atop the macaron display cabinet, no less), an abundance of happy guests and colourful displays of macaron Christmas trees, lollipops & gorgeous cakes decorated to perfection. 

The savoury bites which we sampled were utterly delish. First was an amazing mini steamed pork bun – the best i’ve had since moving to Melbourne which is saying a lot given that I eat them every chance I get! They were small but packed with flavour, not a sweet pork filling as per usual but a delicious moist pork curry... the whole thing melted in my mouth and I was sure to grab one each time the waiter or waitress walked past! They also served some zingy fresh vegetarian spring rolls, mini Peking duck pancakes & Asian seafood bellini’s. Too good! 

I was super excited to learn we were to sample LuxBite’s new Christmas Dessert Range – lucky us indeed! Among the sweets that were served, we were treated to a ‘help yourself’ serving of their new ‘Wonderbite – Summer in a Bag’ snack, consisting of candied almonds, cashews, house made marshmallow (divine citrusy melt in your mouth goodness) & crystallized ginger. Delightful!

Next were some Christmas spiced macaroon pops & beautiful gourmet hand painted chocolates – salted caramel making the top of my list. The ‘Rudolph Supersized Love’ – an oversized chewy hazelnut macaron with crushed hazelnuts, was to die for, I can imagine they would be a welcome treat at any Christmas occasion with the crafty reindeer decorations and festive hazelnut flavour. 

Summer in a tart was stunning both visually and in terms of flavour; a crisp short crust tart filled with zesty smooth passionfruit curd, and topped with pineapple jelly and marshmallow, perhaps my favourite morsel of the evening.

The list went on with beautiful Strawberry & cream mousse filled Christmas baubles, so cute to look at and divine to eat - a great Christmas gift or 'bring along treat' to your next Christmas party. Being a chocoholic - I fell head over heels for LuxBite's  'Christmas Be My Love cake' (milk chocolate mousse, raspberry cream, dark chocolate crunch with a decadent chocolate glaze), and I'll be heading back there very soon I'm sure.

We were sent home with a gorgeous gift bag containing 'Mork Specialty Hot Chocolate', a bag of their delish 'Wondersnack' and a few macaron lollipops! Also a cute wee LuxBite book/2014 calendar with the following message:


'To those who love the sweet life, who appreciate the craftsmanship and alchemy of the art that is pastry making, we salute you. Thank you to our families who have supported us through the highs and lows, to the best landlord in existence, our suppliers and purveyors of the best ingredients in the country. To the media and blogging community, to the incredible Nessa Guillet for her beautiful illustrations in this calendar... And of course to you, our customers, THANK YOU for your support and loyalty. Seasons greetings and remember, everyone has a separate stomach dedicated to dessert!'