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Mr Miyagi Sexy Japanese on Chapel

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Mr Miyagi is a fun and eclectic Japanese restaurant in Windsor that is more playful than it is formal. Upon entering it at first seems like a club, with loudish music and funky wait staff traversing the floor attending a patronage of young and trendy. Mr Miyagi hums and sings. It needs to be understood for what it is - that is turning formal Japanses dining on its head and serving Japanses cuisine with a twist. The World Loves Melbourne was invited as guests of Mr Miyagi to sample its dinner menu. We enjoyed the concept of shared dishes presented artistically and full of flavour, technique and concern for texture and balance. Also check out our Best Japanese Restaurants in Melbourne.

Mr Miyagi is a restaurant you come to with an attitude of conviviality, enjoyment and noise. Every dish had a fun element. The wait staff are fun and playful. All the while the noise levels and music are at higher decibels that many other restaurants, but it's how we like to roll. My hot date (wife) and I enjoyed the vibe and cuisine of Mr Miyagi.

Locals tell me Mr Miyagi is almost always packed out and pumping. It's catering to what the crowd wants. 

The menu itself is playful expressed in Rounds - ie Round 1, 2, 3 and Finish Him. 

We began our night with the Beans. This requires fingers and participation while you're talking with your dinner companion. Kind of fun in itself.

Then it was into the delectable Battered Corn - three in a serve and such comfort food. This was already one of my favourites for the night. A world of soft crunch and then hit of creamy corn. The batter wasn't overbearing. The dishes at Mr Miyagi look cool and this was a great starter in its artistic appeal as well as being delightful cuisine.

The Sashimi were super fresh and probably the most traditional dish of the night. Refreshing and clean, with presentation first class...


The Black Pig Gyoza was tasty and a nod to fine gyoza. We felt by now we were getting a taste of everything - the menu is broad surely catering for all tastes. Some restaurants serve up the same kind of dishes across the menu but not at Mr Miyagi. We appreciated the variety.

A highlight was the David Chang's Ramen Gnocchi with Wagyu Bolognese. This was just like Italian gnocchi yet it was Asian. If you closed your eyes you'd think you were in an Italian restaurant. Ramen cooked to be like gnocchi. The meat sauce itself was superb Italian sauce in any kitchen. I greatly enjoyed the fun of it and the indulgence of it. It pokes fun at austere formal Japanese dining and why not.

Mr Miyagi is becoming fast known for its MFC - Miyagi Fried Chicken. This tangy chicken is another playful dish. Fried chicken as we like it but not overly greasy. Melbourne has a love affair with fried chicken and can't seem to get enough of it. People I know exercise during the week to be able to binge on dude food on the weekends. What I call a balanced lifestyle.

Our meal was enhanced by an excellent selection of beers and cocktails. My hot date (wife) enjoyed the freshness and quality of her cocktail and the bar has some serious talent behind it. Also Pinot Grigio was perfect with some dishes. This is one of the few restaurants where I haven't launched out with a big red wine - nouveau dining I guess.

Mr Miyagi is fun and playful but doesn't compromise on technique. This Wagyu Tataki was my wife's favourite dish of the night. Wagtu perfectly presented with a touch of sweetness from the sauce and accompaniments.

At this point I would like to acknowledge the wait staff for being upbeat and engaging. We were more than looked after on the night with 3 or 4 staff attentive to our every need. The Manager is hands on and takes pride in every aspect of the restaurant.


Mr Miyagi also delivers on desserts, with this Kabocha Pumpkin Toast w White Chocolate Pumpkin Ganache, Yoghurt and Honey - also up for nomination as dish of the night.

Mr Miyagi serves up some gems on its menu and appeals to a broad audience. It's part of a genre in Melbourne of catering to a crowd that wants to go out for quality dining but with relaxed, quirky and fun elements.

Mr Miyagi also runs an entertaining and lively social media stream... We plant to revisit.

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