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Gelato Messina Sensation in Brunswick St

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Gelato Messina is arguably the finest gelato in the land... The flavour profiles are breathtaking. Gelato Messina have already achieved a cult status in Sydney and have hit Melbourne with a crescendo... We journeyed (with blogger Melbourne Sensory and our families) to Gelato Messina on a warm day and lined up with half of Melbourne to get our gelato fix. And concluded this is worth the wait!

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Melbournians can easily recognise those orange and green tubs of creamy gelato full of such inspiring 40 gourmet flavours.  Even though you can line up for long periods you still haven't made up your mind on what to order when you get to the counter.

Seriously this place is so popular that several staff were helping manage the queue. When we got inside they told us to walk to the end of the counter and line up there. I last encountered this kind of system from customs officials at the airport entering Australia. Fortunately Gelato Messina didn't ask for my passport. In fact I didn't mind the wait, it was part of the fun.

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At the Night Noodle Markets in Melbourne where 20,000 gathered each night for 2 weeks in November, the queue at Gelato Messina was at least 150m long all night! We felt this was one of the most popular traders at the markets undoubtedly...

We were given a promotional tub delivered to our office for which we are extremely grateful...

And Smith St Fitzroy  in Melbourne has been resonating with Gelato Messina bliss... 

Check out a small sample of the gelato delights...

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Gelato Messina 2

Or check out MOJITO - lime, white rum, mint and brown sugar sorbet. Mojito digestivo...

Gelato Messina 3 

And check out MUUM MAAM - coconut gelato with fried bits and banana jam. elvis, the slightly less fat years...

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Gelato Messina rocked my world with this Salted caramel and white chocolate number. The salted caramel was outstanding, notably the consistency of this ice cream is wonderful. The white chocolate had several chunks of white chocolate mixed in with the ice cream.

Gelato Messina inspires with its milk sourced from Warrnambool.

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This Rasberry scoop along with Dark chocolate was also a delight with authentic rich flavours - no sense of anything processed.

We found the prices to be incredibly resonable, even cheap, with two scoops only costing us $6 per gelato. Notice how I use the terms gelato and ice cream interchangeably.

Founder Nick Palumbo is passionate about the Melbourne market seeing similarities between Darlinghurst and current venue at Fitzroy. Both eclectic.

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The Melbourne outlet is colourful and curvy - and features a grungy tone also with exposed brick and a cool mural. Not to mention the retro menu set up...

The Melbourne store is managed by Simone Panetta and features former world gelato champion Sergio Colalucci, who attended gelato university and makes the product from scratch.

Bring it on! I'll be back!

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